Donaters donated today a few euro’s to show his appreciation for AroundMyRoom ! .. He receives a all-time link at the donaters side on this weblog. Punkey is dutch so he is the first one from my home-country to donate. Awesome! finally ;-)

Do you want to have an all-time link? Show your appreciation! Donation is simple, nice, affordable and easy. Will you be the next one?

2 thoughts on “Donaters

  1. Tarik Faraz says:

    Respected Sir/Madam,I am arranging a cycle race on eve international anti smoking day. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated though newspapers and tv channels.
    A rough detail of expences is as under:
    Budget Sheet of 20km cycle race on the eve of international anti smoking day:
    (Total participants: 250),
    Press Conference before the Race : Rs. 22, 000.
    Advertising Campaign : Rs. 18, 000.
    Video & Photography of the Race for TV channels and newspapers : Rs. 21, 000.
    Refreshment for participants : Rs. 85, 000
    Purchasing of Prizes for participants: Rs. 2, 50, 000.
    Two vehicles for photographers and officials: Rs. 36, 000.
    Press Conference after the Race : Rs. 36, 000.
    Total Amount : Rs. 4, 68, 000.
    Looking forward to your kind reply,
    Tarik Faraz Shagory
    Chairman Shagory Tourists & Hiking Cub (Regd)
    Attock City. 0322-572 60 71, 0313- 570 670 2

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