People lie, numbers don’t

Numb3rs. Today I saw on bittorrent that a new pilot serie started: numb3rs. I went to and thought that the introduction of the series was good enough for me to download and watch the show.

After watching the Pilot I think: Great new serie!. I am fan! … numb3rs .. Enjoy the series! 13 episodes are ordered.. upcoming episode: jan 28
oh b.t.w. the cast is great. and it’s about crime drama ..

From New York Daily News:

Jason Krumholtz, a beloved character on both “Undeclared” and “Freaks and Geeks,” plays Charlie, the mathematical genius. Rob Morrow of “Northern Exposure” plays Don, Charlie’s protective older brother who’s a highly ranked FBI agent.

Seen very briefly in the pilot is Alan, the brothers’ understanding and helpful father, played by Judd Hirsch of “Taxi.”

That’s a terrific trifecta of casting. The way they look and act makes you believe these men are related. Add to this core group such supporting cast members as Peter MacNicol of “Ally McBeal” (as another genius), Sabrina Lloyd of “Sports Night” (as another FBI agent), and Anthony Heald of “Boston Public” as a skeptical FBI boss), and you have enough talent in “Numb3rs” to divide by half and still populate a great drama.

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