Paris, the situation, and the Spicy BBQ Six Dollar Burger are ‘hot.’


“I Love Paris in the Springtime”

Carl’s Jr. confirmed on Friday that it would air a sexy TV spot starring Paris Hilton to support its Spicy BBQ Six Dollar Burger
The 30-second spot would premiere on Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, May 17, with “behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of the ad.”

Carl’s Jr. website will relaunch on May 19. (but I see that a lot has changed already)

“There will be opportunities to see and do things on the site that aren’t available on traditional fast-food Web sites and, of course, we will be the only source for the ‘too hot for TV’ version of the Paris Hilton ad,”

Something tells me that the whole ‘not-to-be-aired’ add is just a commercial stunt to attract people to Carls Jr and Paris. Marketing.. Marketing.. And it’s working

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