-= beta beta -= LANDISK RDC2882 NAS-BASIC43


This HTML source is used for BASIC43 but can be used also under BASIC41
The only GUI change between BASIC41/43 is adding support for Daylight Time Saving

All variables starting with <!-# and end ending with –>
needs to be kept as they control the device through some scripts like: nas.cgi, if.cgi, status.cgi etc..

Please note that the source size should not be bigger than in this archive. If you modify the source you should keep
the size as big as it is now or smaller. (too big firmware files will crash) a 200Kb image: no go.

Best way is first to cleanup and this code to minimize and than modify it.

Send your code to dennis -= at =- mixfans.org Than I will compile and test the HTML GUI.
if it works you get the compiled version from me to use it for yourself.

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