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  1. John Broome says:

    Hey Dennis,

    Any chance you can tell me where you obtained the Leia theme in English? I don’t get Portuguese :) But I love the theme. Strangely, when I installed the theme, I didn’t get the Archives thingy coming up. Your assistance is highly appreciated. Tq. :)

  2. John Broome says:

    Oh oh, just saw my post and I realize that you have not got the Portuguese sorted out in your comments section. Ie:

    “Comments de John Broome
    Comentario realizado el Saturday, 5 de August del 2006 a las 9:59 pm”

    Sigh … I even downloaded Kapikua’s tranlated version but it is still in Portuguese. Still would love to install the theme though … if only its wholly in English.;)

  3. John,
    the Leia theme is not in English. I endore the theme and I did some tweaking. Indeed the comment part is not in in English yet, but I was not ready with the simple translation.

    I only translate what is necessary and from the content you can know what must be there (years of blog experience)

    The archive page I have is not in the leia theme.
    Its a tweak and plugin. (manage a page together with smart-archives plugin. so if you are looking for that …you need to follow that info .. come back inf you need more info on that ;-)

    I also add some other plugins and tricks (SiFR, LightBox stuff)

  4. John Broome says:

    1.Any chance you can mail me your modified Leia theme? I am an absolute idiot at this sort of things.

    2. SiFR, Lightbox? Er…sure. I know whatcha talking ’bout. :)

    3. BTW if you do a search via the “Search” function (top right corner of this page) and there are no results, even the error info is in spanish.

    4. It should be “Technorati” links correct? Not “Technorat”.

    5. Woah…just realized you averaged like 60-80 posts a month in your early years. That’s crazy dude.

  5. I will try to fix some typewriting errors later and make my modified leia theme available shortly
    Also I need some help with CSS from others as I am a CSS nobody.
    There are some minor style(s) issues with the leia theme.
    Maybe I will contact Kapikua ;-)

  6. John Broome says:

    Contact away, I am just going to follow your work modding this theme. :) BTW if you are a CSS nobody, god knows where I am.

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