How two Russian journalists cooked the egg

By using Cell Phones

Moscow daily news: “Komsomolskaya Pravda ” reported two correspondents Mr. Vladimir Lagovski and Mr. Andre Moiseynko decided to experience how the GSM could harm our body. It’s nothing special cooking by your hands, the secret is in the radio emission from the GSM.

A QIG is made per above illustration. Making one GSM call to the other and keeping them in talk mode. They put a tap recorder besides the GMS’s, emulating talking sound and keeping them talking.

  • 15 minutes later, the egg becomes lukewarm.
  • 25 minutes later, the egg becomes hot.
  • 40 minutes later, the egg becomes hotter.
  • 65 minutes later, the egg is cooked.

Conclusion: A GSM can cook eggs but is very expensive (GSM call). The harm from the GMS’s is mostly exaggerated. Cooking your brain takes minimum one hour. We do not suggest you put your GSM in one of your trouser pockets because it’s easier to cook two smaller eggs in shorter time

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