Paul mentioned a bug in the HTML interface of my firmware. Quickly checked what was wrong and released a new nas.web code. Upload this firmware and the issue is solved. Folders created as shares are now deletable again. Somewhere on the road deleted that line. I also updated the whole release package for you so that this failure is not happening anymore.

Thanks for your worthfull comments. I encourage anyone to improve my HTML ;-)

update: new version in the landisk folder. I added the $ character to be allowed to be used for hidden folders. Also added . but that will not cause the device creating hidden folders in FTP ;-)

note: nas45-guifix.web removed and replaced for nasb-update-r5.web for those who only want to have these new features in the web interface. (no need to update kernel / loader)

19 thoughts on “NAS-BASIC45 LANDISK V2 (v3)

  1. uhm .. incorrect ctrl-c ctrl-v ?
    I was in a hurry this afternoon.
    I’ll have to check if I have the source at home to fix the stuff
    Probably will do ;-)

  2. Grmbl ..
    Okay story;
    Tried to find the issue, found the problem, checked the html interface at same time of upgrade: device crash. Than device still was found through the utility. Changed IP of system in range of 169.254.0.x and made a tftp update:
    tftp -i put [kernel+web.file] waited for a while and device received DHCP IP .. changed the PC back to its normal IP and reconfigured it.

    Great: new rar file in place with correct settings.

    Any comments? or HTML changes whished for this weekend? I have the sources at home ;-)

  3. Dennis,
    Thanks for the update.
    I am not sure how much of the software you can modify and in which area it lies but two things i would find extremely useful are a)to limit a folders size to prevent a user using up to much disk space and b)seperate passwords for each folder. but I guess we can all want :-)



  4. Paul,

    firware from rdc consists of 3 files
    Loader, which you cannot alter (it’s binary distributed)
    Kernel, which you cannot alter (it’s binary distributed)
    web interface: you can alter with the src distributed. There are some files enclosed to make it binary, gzipped etc..

    So more or less: on HTML level you can make it as you want with the keywords/features as you want. The rest: no

  5. loader and kernel is lower level kernel stuff.
    so 3 layers: startup machine, loader loads, kernel loads, html interface is loaded.

    Loader & kernel is some compiled binary.
    in short: loader+kernel+web can by copied binary together to have it uploaded as one firmware file.

  6. Dennis,

    Yet another thought, If the HTML allowed the use of the $ character then I think that you could then create network shared folders that remain invisible unless specifically mapped to by adding $ to the end of the folder name ie shared$, I think currently this is not allowed as it says english characters only.


  7. Dennis,
    I tried the hidden share$ folders this morning and it worked a treat,very useful this should stop the kids from messing about :-)


    Plus I now realise that you can have a different password for each folder, it just didnt appear to work because xp kept remembering them on my machine as they were created, but when trying the kids pc’s then passwords were required!

  8. Dennis,
    Just an observation, because the shared$ worked so well perhaps in a future update you could also add this change to the rename.html to allow hiding of already created folders just by renaming them.


  9. Dear Dennis,

    Your projects looks like it’s one of a kind. I can’t find any other usefull firmware package like yours and I got quite excited reading all the comments.
    I suspected the firmwares were all interchangeable since they all share the same name, but I never got it confirmed till I read it here. Good stuff.
    I got my mini-mac look-a-like NAS box today and wanted to upgrade it with your package (sounds a bit rude, but I meant your firmware.. to avoid mistakes ;-) )

    I’m sorry to say that ehm… I dunno how :-/

    I upgrade single firmwares and bioses all the time, but your package requires updates of several items of the machine with no actual How-To. I read some stuff about using MT.exe and tfrp.exe, but I got that from here and there and cannot be certain I’m doing it correctly.

    Would it be too much to ask to help little old me just this once and make a small step by step instruction manual? Just a few command lines with the proper arguments and filenames will do.

    Thanks a bunch, I’ll be checking here regularly because like I said, this is good stuff!



  10. Well, I took a leap of faith… upped the 3-in-1 package through the web interface, worked like a charm.
    So my problems are over, but I’ll keep monitoring your work for future improvements.

    Thanks again,


  11. Ray, I know your device and I also know what kind of hardware is in it, even I do know the factory ..

    More or less my packages gives all kinds of opportunities
    Yes, a lot of requires some more knowlegde, but i did not have had the time to write down some stuff.

    the 3-1 package is perfect. But only works when your loader is recent. Old loaders sometimes do not accept this 1 in all firmware revisions.

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