CFULLHDMA: Fixing failed firmare upgrade

Sometimes it is possible that people brick their device and that it is not operational anymore.
The CFULLHDMA has a number of abilities to fix firmware version(s).

with every boot the device is checking if the firmware file is valid. When it’s not valid you will see a blue screen with information to run the firmware upgrade again.

With latest firmware releases we have added a ‘fixed’ IP address when there is no network: if you can ping this address after changing the IP of your Computer in the same range the kernel is still running and you still can fix your CFULLHDMA.

If you can ping it on it’s normal IP address (you might need an Angry IP Scanner tool) to determine it in your network, you can also use telnet

—- Only for kernel 2.6 Firmware Versions —

mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /usb/usb0
./ForceUpgrade_k26 upgrade.bin

The upgrade.bin is the latest firmware version you can download from the Conceptronic website
the ForceUpgrade tool can be taken from here
I do not suggest anyone to use this unless you know what you are doing.

In any other situation it is NOT possible to fix the firmware file without using a Serial Console Port


Above image shows a serial console port you can put on the CFULLHDMA when you open it. (Tx,Rx,GND,V). With a console port you can get more information about the status of the device. When you use a Console Cable and you see a YAMON message things are not ok .. the kernel and firmware are not present anymore. You only see the bootloader, and only through a very extensive difficult upgrade procedure the firmware can be fixed.

8 thoughts on “CFULLHDMA: Fixing failed firmare upgrade

  1. Tim Stroobandt says:

    Is it possible to do the upgrade through the serial console myself? I just tried to upgrade the firmware and it failed for some reason because now it only shows the intro screen. It responds to ir on/off signal but doesn’t acquire an ip adress nor is it accessible through the address.

  2. german says:

    It seems that my CFULLHDMA is bricked, the update to from 1.15 to 1.09 failed and now I get nothing more than a black screen (although the remote power on/off is working). I have found the RXd, TXd, GND, Vcc solder points in the mainboard, could you give me more details in the upgrade procedure through the serial port?


    – german

    PS: I have found this, but don’t know if it also apply to CFullHDMA.

  3. Paul says:

    you need a RS232 interface board to connect to Rx/Fx/Gnd/V-
    this you can connect to de serial port of you PC then it is possible make a connection via telnet from windows

  4. David says:

    Hello Dennis. I hope you can help me. I am following your website since i bought my cfullhdma in 2008; A few days ago i made a mistake putting 12v instead 5v to my cfullhdma. Now the
    Red led turns on for a while and then turns off not working at all. I opened circuit board and i didn’t see any burning component…could you help me fixing it? I have some electronical


  5. David,

    from my experience: it is broken and is beyond repair.
    You can try to contact the manufacturer: honeywld in Taiwan
    but I doubt they can help you as well, a lot of components are broken actually there is no safety switch when someone is using 12V not 5V .

    I am not working in the hardware business anymore so I am little to no help ..

  6. David says:

    Hello Dennis , THANK YOU so much for your fast answer. I hope that your new son get born soon!

    Thank you again. Regards

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