Backup data from Server A to Server B using FTP

Message to self: to have all data from servage retrieved directly to the new server this following command can be used. You need SSH on your new server.

lftp -u ‘[username],[password]’ -e “mirror /path /destination/path new server”

This command needs to be entered in a ssh session. As we speak this command is already downloading my data for about 12 hours now ..

New Server Running for AroundMyRoom

Due to some issues I have now a new server for all my websites. Slowly I am copying all data and databases. For you, this site visitor, it means more speed, quicker loading of pages. So be happy ;-)

I’ve 4 databases running for this site (banner, trac, forum, weblog) .. and all data was quickly transferred. Not much I had to do to have all things running .. DNS updated .. Whoalla ..

if you read this, your DNS is updated and the site is running from the new server .. I will have to test the mail .. but we will see how that is working ;-)

CFULLHDMA(i) beta firmware 1.14.04

v01.14.04 beta
New: Upgrade Sigma Design SDK to
New: Add Shoutcast feature ( beta and simple implementation: buffering time is long right now due to SDK ).
New: Add Simple JPEG exif information for photo
New: Add hard drive and usb flash information when connected to the USB port
Fixed: HDMI auto-sync caused there is no sound through HDMI when playing some files.
Fixed: MPEG2 and TS video files cannot change audio track in new SDK.
Fixed: some DLNA failed items.
Fixed: system hangs if the server is gone suddently at start playing
Fixed that system hangs when accessing all video on some NAS *UPnP*

Above release notes is for v1.14.04
This release is only available for beta testers. As we are using a new SDK many items have to be checked. So expect not everything to be running smootly, but your comments are welcome on the forum and trac page. That is why you are beta tester ;-)