Ah my old account of audblog still exist but now under Gabcast. I missed the news announcement and they never spammed me .. So 2 funky test messages just created by calling a number and the audio is posted instantly to the blog. Kewl

Probably a kewl way to make a audio blog when we are on holiday in New Zealand and Sydney.

CFULLHDMA beta firmware 1.16.07

Quickly after releasing a public 1.16.06 firmware we do release a new beta 1.16.07

Not too much was changed only some small bugs

  • Fixed: extreme lipsync issue on some MKV files with DTS
  • Fixed: error 301 playing next file when streaming Youtube Videos
  • Fixed: AC3 -> OGG vorbis loading freeze issue
  • Fixed: DVD fast Forward would not continue under high speed iframe mode for some DVD files

notice: changing your language settings for GUI will also change the presets for Youtube (Selecting Dutch for instance will show you the most viewed videos for holland etc.. )

Available for beta testers

Server Message: RSS feed fixed

Chris mentioned to me in e-mail that my rss feed was broken. As long time evangelist for RSS feeds some years ago I did not look into rss for a long time. My feed is running through feedburner and I was thinking all was ok.

An update I made on the blog last week caused some empty spaces in a configuration file. This caused the feed to be invalid (a empty line as first line).

If you read this through your RSS feed reader it means the feed is up running again. Sorry for the delay. It’s possible that you will see some advertisements in the feed. It’s an experiment to see if this weblog can earn some money through feeds.

CFULLHDMA: Official release 1.16.06

Prepping a new official internet release for CFULLHDMA & CFULLHDMAi (already available through the Internet upgrade function in the device).

A lot of beta testers have given feedback the last few weeks and we have added many new functions to give the device more usability as well as we have fixed numerious bugs.


  • New: Audio Select functionality has changed in setup. You can select if certain audio (AC3, AAC, WMA PRo should be passed RAW or via PCM setting)
  • New: Offical Logo Shoutcast (partnership pending)
  • New: Youtube Support
  • New: Support DTS/AC3/WMA/AAC S/PDIF setting in the Setup menu (S/PDIF RAW or PCM)
  • New: Support iMedia reset (entries removed after turn off/on)
  • New: Support m4v extension
  • New: Use EDID to select the HDMI highest mode at the first boot.
  • Fixed: UPnP client crashed when a Sonos device was in a network
  • Fixed: UPnP Client crashed when Nero Media Home Server was active in a network
  • Fixed: some mp3 files could not be played to the end
  • Fixed: wrong Bittorrent status (CFULLHDMAi)
  • Fixed: some JPEG image files could crash the system
  • Fixed: 8bit BMP file caused the device to crash when using in Thumbnail mode
  • Changed: minimum volume set as -54dB. Max volume does not mess with quality anymore
  • Changed maximum volume as 0dB to fix some noise issues.
  • Changed: WPA-PSK as WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK (WPA AES is auto detect, and supported)