CFULLHDMA(i): Release Candidate 1.17.04 firmware

Release Candidate 1.17.04 for beta testers.

Version v01.17.04 is beta where probably 1.17.05 will be used as official release with minor adjustments in translation mistakes.

  • Fixed: static IP address could not be saved
  • Fixed: reset iMedia functionality could not work as expected
  • Fixed: SHOUTCast Logo noise point
  • Fixed: ISO, DVD/IFO could not be played when using latest DMS software of Conceptronic (available in beta folder as well).
  • Fixed: music repeat mode crashed after changing server or directory.
  • Added: trp file extension to play video as mpeg2
  • Updated: translation table languages (still some pending mistakes)

4 thoughts on “CFULLHDMA(i): Release Candidate 1.17.04 firmware

  1. Runn says:

    I try to connect the cfullhdmai to my Netgear WNR3500.
    The router has WPA/PSK for safety.
    It’s not possible to connect with the router.
    Not in WPA/PSK or in WEB 64/128

    It’s now running without any safety and that’s not funny.
    I’m only getting an IP in the 169. range.
    The cfullhdmai is finding the router, but will not connect with safety on.

    Can you tell me what the problem can be.

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