NZBGET+WEB + UNPAK updated package

I’ve updated the nzbget + nzbgetweb script with latest versions for the Conceptronic CH3SNAS:

  • NZBGet: NZBGet version 0.7.0-testing-r317
  • NZBGet Web Interface v 1.4 (testing-2)

the unpak script is little modified to fit the CH3SNAS configuration and has been changed to fit the config in NZBget Web when using the version 1.4 (testing-2).

Little How-To

Install Fun_Plug 0.5 of Fonz

Note: if you already run lighttpd you must make own adjustments to your lighttpd configuration and websettings

install the PHP package (needed for lighttpd).

  1. Download with wget PHP package (temporary from my server) as the new updated PHP version of Fonz seems to break something. Install PHP with ‘funpkg -i php-5.2.6-3.tgz’

Update: after consulting Fonz (Tobias) I learned that the new version of PHP is compiled with CURL support. So it’s necessary to install the curl package as well

  1. Download

55 thoughts on “NZBGET+WEB + UNPAK updated package

  1. harry says:

    Question: is the final version of the CH3SNAS: Firmware 1.05b04-r160 already released or is there going to be a bugfix or anything.
    Don’t want to reinstall everything again after firmware upgrade.

  2. dude says:

    Harry, if you look at the conceptronic website you can see for yourself that it is a official release. So I guess no, not for some time.

    I already updated to 1.05b4 and have no problems with it.

  3. dude says:

    Dennis, can you explain what you did with the unpak script for the ch3snas?
    And can I use it with the stable version of nzbget(web)?

  4. dude

    I removed the quotes on configuration lines used in the previous version. the new nzbgetweb can ‘configure’ through webinterface, but did not eat the quotes
    the unpak script is not fully optimized for the new nzbgetweb I do not have that scripting knowledge to add other stuff (there is a new option available for postprocessing when downloading)

    I dunno if it can be used with stable version. but you can try it. I have this version not on my production CH3SNAS box yet (I have it for the CH3MNAS and that is working fine)

    I also checked last week the updated unpak script with catalog but that one is generating a lot of extra information, database, covers etc.. so therfor I am not using it.

  5. AJ says:

    Thanx a lot man!
    Dl goes 300kbps faster now!

    Only thing is nzb’s are not automaticly scanned by NZBgetweb. That is prob my own fault. But the weather 2day is too nice to work on that!

    Anyways thanx again

  6. Pascal says:

    Installed it in less than 10 minutes !
    Only problem I have now is that all files are unzipped on volume_1. This is a Raid partition but is quite small (120 GB) and I use it only to store my photo material.
    My volume_2 is much bigger (JBOD) and has over 1 TB free. I altered the section Paths in NZBGetWeb and pointed to my volume_2 partition. All downloaded material is now indeed stored on this volume but after the unrar the end result of my files are found on volume_1.
    Do you know where and how I can change this ?

    Thanks man for all the great work!

  7. all files in /newsbin/conf must be altered .. if you do not want to use Volume_1 / unpak.cfg etc.. nothing is allowed to refer to /mnt/HD_a1
    not only the webinterface

  8. Michael says:

    I got 2 questions.

    Is it possible to let the files be unrarred in a folder /mnt/HD_a2/Downloads and for the unpack folders use the NZB name? So no categorisation…

    Where can I find the PHP.ini, i can’t upload trough the webinterface now?

  9. Ricardo says:

    Fantastic work, it just bought a DNS-323 and your package made my life so much easier… :) While reading about nzbget I found about PPWeb ( It seems to be perl based and, besides some interesting pre and post processing features, it comes with WFNzb, a script to watch, search and fetch nzb’s. I intend to try to make this work within an “install” of your package, do you think it would work?

    If it does, it’s a dream come true: my NAS will take care of checking teh web for new tv-series episodes and fetch them in a fully automated fashion. Pair this with MediaPortal running on my Windows HTPC to retrieve cover/fan art, descriptions and subtitles and my only concern will be to find time to watch everything I will download. :)

  10. Matt says:

    Is there a way to make these start up at boot? I am using a DNS-323 (which from what I understand is similar to a CH3SNAS).

  11. Matt says:

    Also, I can not find the php.ini in the location you listed, is there another location it might be in?

  12. Joe says:

    Thanks for this. It was set up and working in under 10 minutes on my dns323.

    One tip, the nzbget web interface shows the wrong time and timezone on all its messages. This is because the timezone is hard-coded in php to Europe/Zurich.

    To change, edit web/status.php line 11 and set it to your correct timezone.

  13. Joe that is totally correct. I have added myself in the status.php the timezone part
    due the the fact that on the DNS323 or CH3SNAS I always was running 1 or 2 hours behind due to the structure of the device
    as I am in ‘Amsterdam’ timezone I added it myself cause Hugbug promised to add the function in a new version (our would think about it).

  14. Bearxor says:

    Hey, I’ve followed instructions well and everything, but when trying to start nzbget using your shell script, I get:

    root@NAS:/mnt/HD_a2/newsbin# sh start
    Starting /mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/bin/nzbget -D -c /mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/conf/nzbget.conf line 1: /mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/bin/nzbget: not found

    path looks fine, but it can’t seem to find the nzbget executable. I’ve nuked and redone the install numerous times. Any suggestions?

  15. check with

    ls /mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/bin

    there must the nzbget reside the tar file has it inside
    i have no clue why you have this issue as others have no problem

  16. Bearxor says:

    Yeah, it’s weird, but like I said, the path is right and nzbget is in the directory:

    root@NAS:/mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/bin# ls -l
    -rw-r–r– 1 1001 1001 229 Aug 30 2008 AUTHORS
    -rw-r–r– 1 1001 1001 18009 Jul 18 2008 COPYING
    -rw-r–r– 1 1001 1001 27980 Apr 24 16:31 ChangeLog
    -rw-r–r– 1 1001 1001 14477 May 15 16:46 README
    -rwxr-xr-x 1 1001 1001 1681160 May 15 20:41 nzbget

    It’s executable. The path in the shell script is right. The conf file is in the right place. I just don’t get it. And, as I said, this has happened every time I’ve tried to install it. I’ve also redownloaded the source file.

  17. what will happen
    if you go into the bin/ and that start with

    ./nzbget -D -c /mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/conf/nzbget.conf

    also make sure you use correct fun_plug version 0.5 & latest firmware 1.04 / 1.05

  18. Bearxor says:

    Same thing. It pretends like it’s not there. I have 0.5, but I’m on a D-Link DNS-321 so I’m not sure our firmwares match up. I’m on the latest though.

    I did find, through, someone who had recompiled the executable and renaming it to nzbget and disabling ParCheck in the conf allowed it to start. It’s just weird that I decompressed the tar and it acted like it couldn’t read the exec.

    I’ll have to keep working on it because I do want the ParCheck.

  19. oooohhh the 321 is using different toolchain, you can’t use the 323 or ch3snas version, you need different binary.

    I will try to make a package for the 321 available later today (I use it for the CH3MNAS) wait a little I will create a entry for it on the blog

  20. jingwei79 says:

    I facing the same problems with Bearxor, but I am using the Dlink 343 NAS, any solution? Also say nzbget not found.

  21. Paulus says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Am a NZBGET user and installed the 0.6.0 version some time ago (NZBGet Web 1.3). Its working since then.
    Now, while an older version already installed, can I still simply follow your instructions and ‘upgrade’ to your newer version (overwriting the ‘old’ installed one)?

    Good work. I especcially like the ‘scan’ option in the webinterface!


  22. TMan says:

    Really big thanks for the tutorial…

    Things seem to work up until the download is complete. The post processing does not seem to happen… at least the web interface just looks like its sitting there and a ‘ps’ doesn’t show much happening… any ideas?

  23. Erik says:


    Do I need to copy /mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/conf/php.ini > /ffp/etc/php.ini

    Or what you say

    cp /ffp/etc/examples/php.ini-recommended /ffp/etc/php.ini

    the correct php.ini into the correct folder


  24. Erik,

    you can do both, but I recommend copying from
    /mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/conf/php.ini cause I made some adjustments that you can upload nzb’s also through the webinterface and some other small things for support with newzbin

    but my php.ini is 98% the same as the php.ini-recommend

  25. Maarten says:

    First of all, top product and great suport from you! Thanks using the CH3SNAS for more then a year now and keeps suprising me what you can do with it.

    Little problem though.
    Installed the updated package.
    Didn’t change anything from your files but get the following error.

    ERROR Sat, 08 Aug 2009 23:23:57 +0200 Connection to news. reader. nl failed!: ErrNo 111, Resolver error

    Tripple checked the news-server settings but these are ok.
    Restarted the NAS and services but still same error.

    Any ideas?

    Older tutorial without web interface worked ok for months.

  26. Sergio says:

    I’m a Linux noob, but thanks to this tutorial I have nzbget working in my Dlink323. My questions are this:

    1.-I cant find the php.ini anywhere to edit the max_upload thing. And how to edit? notepad++ from windows does not have permission to edit anything inside the “telnet installed stuff”…

    2.- But more important, how can I upgrade (easy) the nzbget and nzbweb? (there are new versions available).

    Thanks in advance!!!

  27. jesse says:

    Hi, how can i set the nzbget site this way that you need to login (password username). Because now it’s open for everyone and i dont like that:-)


  28. Richard says:

    i have a question, i am new to the CH3MNAS and i can´t seem to find a ay to access it with telnet.

    can you tel me how to access it with telnet?
    where can i enable telnet on the device?

  29. Richard says:

    That link worked great, but now i have Mediatomb installed witch works very good.
    But unfortunatly the default import routine is not that nice :( so i wanted to do my own import script.

    unfortunatly JS for import is disabled (not compiled) does anyone know if there is a version with JS support for the CH3MNAS?

  30. Bram says:

    Hi ,

    Ik gebruik nu sinds enige tijd NZBget op mijn NAS (ch3snas)
    werkt goed, alleen duurt repairen extreem lang (een 10gb bestand duurt bijv. 5-6 uur)

    Weet iemand een oplossing voor dit probleem?
    Ben jullie nu al dankbaar.


  31. Maarten says:

    De CPU en RAM is natuurlijk beperkt in een NAS van deze prijs. Mag je niet vergelijken met een PC. Ik laat hem altijd ‘s-avonds vanaf 23:00 zijn werk doe. Is hij de volgende dag om 18:00 wel klaar ;-)

  32. JP says:

    Hi dennis, first, thanks for all your hard work in helping out us folks with DNS321. I’m currently at 1.05 firmware and followed your instructions for the nzbget on DNS321 but am still getting the same “not found” error as Beacon:

    root@dlink-NAS321:/mnt/HD_a2/packages# sh /mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/ start
    Starting /mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/bin/nzbget -D -c /mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/conf/nzbget.conf
    /mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/ line 1: /mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/bin/nzbget: not found

    I have the following installed:

    Am I still missing something?

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