NZBGET+WEB + UNPAK updated package

I’ve updated the nzbget + nzbgetweb script with latest versions for the Conceptronic CH3SNAS:

  • NZBGet: NZBGet version 0.7.0-testing-r317
  • NZBGet Web Interface v 1.4 (testing-2)

the unpak script is little modified to fit the CH3SNAS configuration and has been changed to fit the config in NZBget Web when using the version 1.4 (testing-2).

Little How-To

Install Fun_Plug 0.5 of Fonz

Note: if you already run lighttpd you must make own adjustments to your lighttpd configuration and websettings

install the PHP package (needed for lighttpd).

  1. Download with wget PHP package (temporary from my server) as the new updated PHP version of Fonz seems to break something. Install PHP with ‘funpkg -i php-5.2.6-3.tgz’

Update: after consulting Fonz (Tobias) I learned that the new version of PHP is compiled with CURL support. So it’s necessary to install the curl package as well

  1. Download

55 thoughts on “NZBGET+WEB + UNPAK updated package

  1. ML says:

    Great work Dennis. I had problems with the early installation and want to use the new nzbget. I used your your old installation doc and got some problems. But with this new installation it worked in a second….

    Greetings SpeedyMarc

  2. Simon says:

    Help please.

    I get the message:
    /mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/bin # ./nzbget start
    /ffp/bin/sh: ./nzbget: not found
    /mnt/HD_a2/newsbin/bin #

    I have followed up all recommendations from internet … but the symptom is the same,

    Please help !.

  3. Thomas says:

    Thanks man,
    works like a charm.

    Was first trying to install sabnzbd,
    but was too much of a hassle,
    this install took me 10min tops,

    so cheers!

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