Request for Comments: 1080p content CFULLHDMA(i)

Question for people with CFULLHDMA or CFULLHDMAi and having issues with 1080p content

How do you stream?:

  • – Samba, NFS or UPNP
  • – Do you have a CFULLHDMA or CFULLHDMAi
  • – What firmware do you use

Please explain what is happening during the play of the movie: artefacts, or loading icon or something else. Thanks

13 thoughts on “Request for Comments: 1080p content CFULLHDMA(i)

  1. Rob says:

    – Share (NFS)
    – 1.17.22.xx CFULLHDMA firmware
    – wired gigabit network


    – It will give hickups while playing (especially with heavy(movement) action), picture quality stays good.
    – dts sound is dropping
    – Audio/video will get out of sync

    Hope this is what you need, good luck

  2. Wouter says:

    – CFULLHDMAi (latest firmware)
    – CH3SNAS –> Samba share
    – wired gigabit network

    – depending on the scene playing (fast movements) within 10 to 15 seconds hickups and loading data icon in the right-top corner
    – Audio / video will get out of sync

  3. Johan says:

    – CFULLHDMAi (1.16.x)
    – CH3WNAS (mediatomb upnp)
    – wired gigabit network (through router)

    – Every 5 seconds the loading data icon in the right-top corner appears, the video halts and then continues

  4. kahuna0k says:

    CFULLHDMAi (1.16.x)
    Connected through gigabit network to SAMBA Linux server

    – Sometimes (about every 20 seconds) the image goes slow motion for less than a second, audio is working without problems (both AC-3 and DTS), it is 24fps content but my TV (Philips 5000 series) does support 24fps and the EDID report so, and I have selected it. May be is not fully working and it just a syncing issue. But with the 1.17.x release it doesn’t happen althouth with that release I get the DTS audio drops.

  5. WayRunner® says:

    – CFULLHDMA (1.17.22.xx)
    – CH3SNAS (1.05b5)
    – NFS
    – Wireless N (c300ru)


    – Hickups while playing, especially with highest bitrates 1080p.
    – Drops with DTS sound
    – Out of sync Audio/Video

    I have the same issues with wired Gigabit and UPNP.

    I can play with my notebook, wireless (in the same place), the same files without issues


  6. WayRunner® says:

    Sorry, I forgot:

    While playing 1080p high bitrates: first artifacts, then paused bad image, and after it loading icon, play, artifacts, paused bad image, loading icon, …

    Thanks for your effort

  7. Onno says:

    – CFULLHDMA firmware 1.17.22
    – CH3SNAS firmware 1.05b5
    – 100 Mbs wired network


    – During movies 1920×800, only sometimes a slight “freeze” is seen, no other

    The avarage bitrate of these 1080p movies is around 10-13 Mb/s
    (Information from MediaInfo)
    – Now I got a movie 1920×1080 (Madagascar2), with an average bitrate of
    37 Mb/s, and the picture freezes about every 20-30 secs, sound disappears
    also around these “freezing points”
    During the freezing the yellow loading icon is present

    Tests done:

    – Network copying check: nearly always running close to 100 Mb/s, as reported by

    – Copied movie to USB drive and connected up to CFULLHDMA: no problem at all
    – Played movie from the CH3SNAS on the PC: no problem at all
    – Connected CH3SNAS directly to CFULLHDMA, using crossover cable: the same

    problems occur

    I have a madagascar2.nzb for you – how to transfer? (3841 kB)



  8. Sayonara says:

    – CFULLHDMA firmware 1.17.22
    – CH3SNAS firmware 1.05b5
    – 1000 mpbs wired network

    First 10 minutes of a 1920 HD movies runs fine but then sound starts to drop, which occurs more and more and eventualy sound mutes. Then there are green squares (artifacts) shown randomly on the TV screen, again which occur more and more when the movie keeps playing.

    I had these problems while watching the BBC Planet Earth Episode 1 serie :

  9. Johan says:

    Update in config:
    – CFULLHDMAi (fw 1.17.06)
    – USB HDD (disconnected/removed my CH3WNAS, see above)

    HD movies (mkv) play without any hickups.

  10. Michael says:

    – Share (Samba) NAS=Synology DS107+
    – 1.17.22.xx CFULLHDMA firmware
    – wired 100 Mbit Ethernet network


    – No Hickups while playing (have good, old CRT-TV )
    – Drops with DTS sound on my Denon AVR 1907
    – Out of sync Audio/Video sometimes

  11. Pascal says:

    I have a CFULLHDMAi, running latest firmware, also on my CH3SNAS.
    I stream using SAMBA shares over a Gigabit wired network.
    My experience is when playing a full HD bluray rip (Vantage Point) the DTS sounds just drops for around 8 seconds and then comes up again for 2 seconds and drops again. The image is sometimes in slow motion then turns normal again for a few seconds and sometimes runs faster than normal. Audio and video are out of sync.

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