Conceptronic MediaTitan Firmware News

Not written much about the Conceptronic MediaTitan as a lot is discussed on the forum, hosted on my platform. But yeah we have many mediaplayer with various functions ..

But as I have some nice news for the users … I can announce the availability of new firmware to be released soon. Very soon

Release Notes for 1.3.16.xxxx

  • Fixed: FF/RW issues on files
  • Fixed: EPG issues with TV3/K33
  • Fixed: DVB-T Pixalation
  • Fixed: Italy DVB-T Channels issue
  • Fixed: On certain action Mediatitan could crash
  • Improved: the way of zapping channels for TV
  • Improved: Wireless connection stability (only for Wireless version)
  • Improved: as written in fixed: the stability of the player when forward / rewind video on recorded TV, local video and network
  • Improved: Searching for new devices in the network

One thought on “Conceptronic MediaTitan Firmware News

  1. HI, I have a conceptronic media titan model CMT 2dw. Iv’e had it for around three months and all has been good until tonight!!. I downloaded the latest firmware version

    I followed the instructions word for word, I plugged in the usb stick and the unit recognised the update, I confirmed I wish to upgrade and two progress bars were visible.

    Then out of nowwhere, the unit crashed, all three lights began flashing non stop, I gave it at least 19 minutes to recover, no luck. I then tried hard reset, still no luck.

    I tried a reformat, no luck. I tried unplugging the unit and replugging – no luck.

    I called Conceptronic tonight, who were unable to assist me and suggested I take the unit back to the distributor for a replacement.

    This is fine as the unit is under warranty, I grow concerned for when the unit is out of warranty?

    My message – be careful of the new firmware I am not sure it has been tested properly.


    Gary (Melbourne -Australia)

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