CFULLHDMA(i) Beta firmware News: 1.19.02


Released to beta testers:

Fixed: Youtube does not to play
Fixed: sub/idx hang
Fixed: ResetToDefault DTS option
Fixed: Photo display inform under slideshow
Fixed: bmp crash

Suprise: check the srt sub function pressing the sub key on the remote. Note: it will ONLY work on SRT files ! Embedded subs: no go ! and it is highly experimental, so some functions will not work as expected yet.

5 thoughts on “CFULLHDMA(i) Beta firmware News: 1.19.02

  1. sailsoft says:

    Thanks again Dennis.

    I love the name/password dialog now defaulting to OK.

    The sub screen also looks very interesting, but VERY expirimental ?
    Not sure what I can do with it yet. Only see the info, can’t do anything with it ?
    And as soon as I “used” it, and stop the movie I end up with a black screen.
    Only power-off is working then.
    But the options in the sub screen looks promissing. :-D

  2. Harry says:

    Indeed very experimental. After checking the Subtitle button, i get different settings for the subtitles, like color, delay, size etc.
    But after using the function, the remote doesn’t do anything anymore… only reset will get out of the loop. The movie keeps playing though with the settings on display.

  3. quattro says:

    what exactly is the difference between:
    spdif: RAW
    spdif + hdmi: RAW

    and what is the reason behind it?

  4. Jeroen K. says:

    Hi, I installed the new firmware using the internet update possibility. Since then I can’t change the language of the subtitles. I see the experimental screen but it seems I can’t do anything with it yet. I reinstalled the previous firmware via USB and now everything works fine again.
    I suggest that conceptronics fixes this in a newer firmware.

  5. Alex says:

    Got the same screen to, but when i press the backwards arrow and then play the movie again i got subs and no experimental screen : )
    Wonder if the next update will fix that.

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