TV series update

Message to self (this is what I watch or watched) ..

Life Unexpected renewed
Nikita (new / remake?)

Returning Series: V, the Middle & Cougar Town
Cancelled: Flash Forward
End: LOST but finale is 2.5 hours

Probably Cancelled: Miami Medical (Shame shame, I like it) & Accidently on Purpose
Cancelled: numb3rs
and remake: Hawaii 5-0

Cancelled: Sons of Tuscon
Renewed: Glee, Lie to Me, Bones & Human Target

Flash Forward: Cancelled
Trauma: Cancelled
Heroes: Cancelled, but no proper ending. Maybe movie ??
New: Undercovers (very promising Trailer I saw) (sexpionage / marriage / spy, jj abrams)
New: The Event, Friends with Benefits, Outlaw, Outsourced, Love bites, Chase, The cape
Renewed: Chuck, Parenthood

I think a number of the 12 new NBC shows would be great .. (but I only saw the trailers)

also cancelled: Legend of the Seeker

Renewed: Nurse Jackie & Dexter

USA Networks
Renewed: Burn Notice & Royal Pains

FX Network
Sons of Anarchy

One thought on “TV series update

  1. Brian says:

    Im dissappointed to see that flashforward and trauma got the boot especially flashforward :( Heroes had it coming I think season 2 was that last enjoyable season for me.

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