CFULLHDMAi Firmware Updated

Thanks to the MKV specification and the usage of a certain part of that specs by the release group IMMERSE many Mediaplayer vendor had to update their devices with a new updated firmware where they follow the spec. When not following and using a TV series release from IMMERSE there was suddenly no sound anymore (and: I noticed that with those MKV’s they already put english subtitles as well).

So after getting a notice, the guys at Conceptronic (I am not part of Conceptronic anymore, so do not blame me when you have an issue) jumped to their developers and after debugging and testing a first release fixing this issue was released today.

Find here the firmware for the CFULLHDMA

24 thoughts on “CFULLHDMAi Firmware Updated

  1. Sailsoft says:

    @miha72: Have you tried DVD’s yet ?

    I can’t get any DVD (IFO and ISO) to work anymore with this version on a CFULLHDMA (06). It simply hangs after starting a DVD.

  2. Vaporizer says:

    @Sailsoft: I’ve got the same problem, mkv audio is fixed but IFO and ISO won’t work anymore (06 cfullhdma)

  3. I leave this one,
    i have .07.xx and only sins then the video no longer ticking, i think that it has something to do with that avi Sync and now i finally can watch movies smoothly,

    it was so disturbing and now i don’t know if that’s disappears when i update ? to .09.xx
    Can somebody tell me when i upgrade and is goes wrong is there any way to reverse that process and go back to 07.xx?

    thanks. peter

  4. Normen says:

    @Peter, you can downgrad to the latest official firmware with the internet upgrade function or return to older firmware version with the firmware files from conceptronic and the usb upgrade function.

  5. peter says:

    Oke normen,

    But when i do so putting a Older Firmware back , it does not allow to downgrade it says no newer firmware found.
    and then i get stuckt :-( with a newer not for me working version.

    greetings peter

  6. duimbot says:

    Does anyone know how to fix Youtube? I have updated the firmware, but still it isn’t working. Maybe the use of a media server?

    By the way, I am working with a Mac with Snow Leopard.

  7. gweidema says:

    Here the same problem: only a few links in youtube work, 99% does not play. “cannot play this stream” (in Dutch). I hope it will be fixed soon! Thanx anyway for sharing Dennis!

  8. But this was the fastest firmware ever (in high bitrate playback), but it can’t play .iso DVD images.

    I feel anger because this device was expensive and Conceptronic abandoned us. I don’t say they have to support it for fifteen years but I bought it just two years ago. I think I wasn’t careful buying CFULLHDMAi, I decided by only a few tests.

    A better supported device with larger community background had to be a better choice. :(

    Anyway I have to thank you for your help and supporting us through your trac page, I enjoyed testing and bug reporting.

    Dennis, do you know any 3rd party firmware solution or any development on this device?

  9. @Rivalcomp

    I have released many firmware releases and I have done a lot of development with the factory to get the device as it is now. The latest fw of Conceptronic was not released by me, but by a former collegue causing and issue not playing dvd’s correctly.

    the product itself was an ODM projct doen by Honeywld from Taiwan. They have a similar product PowerZest HD205 but; the release of Conceptronic has more.

    There are no project for customize the firware cause due to Sigma Designs way of releasing their code it’s impossible to do major upgrades which fixes a lot

    Unfortunately I have no hold of other sources which are available at the website of Conceptronic

    I am no longer employed there and I cannot do anything for you as user.

    Please note that I still use the CFULLHDMAi daily with lots of pleasure.

  10. @dennis:

    I know you’re not employed there. I’ve been following your blog and CFULLHDMA trac page until it has been closed. Just asked you because you know much more about this device. :)

    I also use CFULLHDMAi with satisfaction (apart from a few bugs). I just think that more could have been taken from this media player (online contents, etc.). Everything went well while you were at Conceptronic. :)

    I accept these circumstances, I’m just a bit disappointed. I will use it until it dies.

    Thanks again,

  11. Guido says:

    I am not a bit disappointed, but a lot. The device is still for sale in lots of stores. The last online Firmware is clearly flawed because of the ISO-playback issues. The one through the site plays the ISO’s well, but has a lot of MKV playback troubles. Why don’t they combine the best of both worlds in a final update?

    I asked a few times for new firmware by email. They were busy making it happen, they replied. I posted their answer in the big CFULLHDMAi forum. That is allready more then half a year ago. They obviously lied and if it is not fixed shortly I will ban Conceptronic as a brand and blog, email and post my findings with this clearly unreliable partner whereever I can…

  12. Yeah it is a pitty …
    but as the device was / is not longer purchased from the factory (all kinds of reasons) it is EOL.
    So you have to move on. It is not their fault that is is in shops still, it has not been sold from stock +1 year as it was already sold out and no new shipments were there.

    Conceptronic has still 1 MediaPlayer but has abandoned that market totally.

    After many years of being leader in mediaplayers they have lost that battle.

    I do not think they lied, they tried to get the fw, but the factory did not release new ones. They are also bind to what they get.

    Conceptronic as brand will be still there, but they will have various different other products now they have a new owner… with another brand: Level 1 ..

    I hope for them they can survive.

    I am still busy with my new NAS with lots of features and functions for a nice price with private cloud support

  13. But for a longer lifetime they should open their codes or specifications to create an open community that could make newer firmware or features as long as devices live. (Take a look at Commodore 64. Ok, there wasn’t anything to make open as an “opensource code”, but as long as a community lives, the brand lives. I have one, and I like that I can find many-many things about C64: cables, applications, tools, etc.)

    All things I said before were came from a sort of disappontment. I have many gadgets. Sadly two of them are “closed”, this CFULLHDMAi and a Freecom wifi radio. The Freecom also doesn’t have support for it now, but the device is not an old one.

    For example I have a Linksys router, a D-Link NAS and a Samsung Android mobile and I like the communities in the background. I have many resources, forums, blogs to get informations and tricks from. I can do much much more things with these “hacked” devices than with the “stock” ones. Ok, I know that most of the users doesn’t need this, but it’s not a nice attitude to leave them behind with a buggy firmware. (Freecom also left the market with a beta fw.)

    So I miss this “opensource feeling” with these two of my “black sheep” devices…

    I think these are my last words because nothing will change about it. I had to tell these, and that’s all… sorry for that… :)

  14. @rivalcomp
    1. the CFULLHDMA is based on Linux, the GPL sourcecode is on the website, so if you want to play around: go ahead,

    The company is not entitled to give you abilities to hack or open the device, but you can certainly give it a shot.
    If you complain you should not first try to benefit from a community, but start with it yourself, Create one.

    As former employee I opened the CFULLHDMA/i as much as we could. People who own such a device should than step in and proceed further. During the 2 or 3 years I served the product: nobody did try to hack or create anything from the GPL.

    For the Freecom Wifi Radio (MusicPal), please seek and find, cause there is GPL sourcecode available and there are ‘hacks’ it is open as far as the GPL wants it to be (if not, write the guys with your findings and they will comply). But nobody has to give you a guideline how to do it.

    I know about the DLINK DNS323 NAS as the Conceptronic CH3SNAS was the same, I know the community, but this has nothing to do with the brand, cause DLINK keeps the source as close as it is, that they have the fun_plug function available is nice, but without that nobody would have stepped into hack deeper. Finally after x years the ALT-F alternative firmware is the only thing what is there next to the awesome work of Fonz with his Fun_Plug stuff.

    Next to that: the CFULLHDMA(i) had a community, served on this weblog, I had a trac, a forum everything. There are people who hacked into ‘sigma designs’ based devices and modified their firmware which also could fit the CFULLHDMA(i), but nobody searched, tried or bothered about it.

    if you did some research you would have seen already a lot of ‘secrets’ how to gain telnet access (first step), and much more like
    to be found here:
    hence, there is a RS-232 port on the board where you can have Console access.

    Conceptronic made the GPL public, so start yourself I would say.

  15. Giacomo says:

    Long time since the last post, so I hope someone can still suggest something. My CFULLHDMAi shows a current firmware which has never been a version for this unit. And, yes, I’m sure it’s a CFULLHDMAi.
    My problem is that I’d like to load a proper firmware from USB but when I try to do it remains searching forever. A file properly named upgrade.bin in in the root directory of the USB key (which is properly detected).
    I think I tried and searched everything (I’ve been in IT for 40 years), so whatever hint, suggestion, trial is more than welcome

  16. impossible to have a with cfullhdmai

    there were 3 versions of the firmware available, the 06 is the CFULLHDMA
    the 2 others are the CFULLHDMAi where there was a difference between flashsize and functionality. the .10 was the ‘best’ version.
    it was never advertised that the 09 and 10 where different on flash, but they were. But both were called CFULLDHDMAi even no difference in version or physically something different.

    So sorry no further help here

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