Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2011 !!! .

No idea what we will do in 2011, but maybe this blog will go another direction. As usual: this is my playground and you are invited .. Maybe this blog will be more about the technology, stuff I like or stuff I see around ..

We will see and for now I have no clue .. A lot of projects I am involved in .. and those also need some attention .. For sure the Happy New Year banner will be replaced cause we have now real champagne and not only ‘Cava’ ;)

MySQL prefix

found out that some of my databases of some of my sites had a #mysql50# prefix. Not knowing what it was I suddenly also discovered that none of these sites were accessible (aarrchhhhhh)

This seems to be a known issue: MySQL introduces encoding for table names that have non-ASCII characters (see Section 8.2.3,