Message to Self: CH3SNAS & Format HDD

Do not, I repeat Do not try to reformat the HDD’s if Fun_Plug is running. It will fail. Root cause is probably the fact that fdisk is showing an segmentation fault (ie. fdisk /dev/sdb) 3x formatting failed when fun_plug was enabled, after disabling the format directly started .. and succeeded.

CH3SNAS: Firmware 1.05b04-r160

FINALLY ! … just the step before official release ! Conceptronic is about to release a new official firmware for CH3SNAS. After some time of technical difficulties with the progress of the firmware with non working ftp, failing UPnP server(s) (in certain conditions) this firmware should finally fix that so that the 1.04 series can […]

Prerelease 1.05b3 firmware CH3SNAS

Prerelease 1.05b3 firmware New: Support for XBOX360. New: Support Uptime in menu. Changed: Improved the imprecise counter of disk formatting. (Notice: make sure there does not exist ANY partition on the HDD (especially when using a HDD already used. If there exist a partition it can fail the format very quick after starting the process. Fixed: […]

CH3SNAS: 1.05b02

For early birds 1.05b2 (1.58.0219.2009) REVOKED (ftp server does not work !) Very wierd, but true ! error: Feb 22 16:15:25 CH3SNAS-2 ftp.err pure-ftpd: (?@?) [ERROR] Configuration error: Unknown logging format: simple Uhpfff I am not happy .. Quick release notes by head: xbox360 support (Not tested yet), format progress info is better, uptime supported, lan connection […]