Legal Issue Matter regarding page3 content
Name: adam glass

Dear Dennis,

I am writing from News Group Newspapers Ltd(NGN), the publisher of The Sun newspaper in the
UK.NGN is the registered owner of numerous Page 3 trade marks covering the whole of Europe.
Whilst we appreciate you are a fan of Page 3, reproducing our material without permission is unlawful,

adn we must ask you to remove all our Page 3 images immediately. if you can remove our material within the next couple of days, the we will consider the matter closed. However, pending such removal, we reserve our right to take any action necessary to protect our rights.
May i thank you in advance for your co-operation
yours sincerely

Adam Glass
Legal Department
News Group Newspapers

Answer: It was fun until it lasted. I Had to remove P3 from the public. Although I do not reproduce anything other than running a PHP script which is showing the images from the site on my own homepage. Page3 could have done a much easier job by protecting the images by using mod_rewrite.Now the script will only be used for own pleasure The Page3 girl script is still running. Happy! Own Pleasure!

Maybe you can push them to use ‘our’ script and help us regarding legal matters

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