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Kijk, mijn ochtendritueel

Wordt ik zo maar geïnterviewd voor ‘mijnochtendritueel

Thanks Ramon!


Hoe het allemaal begon (met het bloggen)

2001, meedoen met het spelletje SMS AroundTheWorld (welke ik uiteindelijk won)

mijn eerste blogbericht

Al mijn blogs van alle platformen (weblogger, pivot, moveabletype en WordPress) heb ik nog ..

16 jaar historie ..

HP Microserver Gen8 G1610T booting with USB & ODD

I have 3 4 HP Microservers and 2 3 of them are running OpenMediaVault

I want to use the 4HDD’s of the Microserver soley as Data disks and not the OS. For this you have options:

Boot from SD card, boot from USB (internal) and than use the Datadisks. The problem here is that it is not wise to have many write actions to a SD card or USB thumbdrive.

To solve this issue: I use an old 2,5″ HDD connected to the ODD port. (ODD power cable & internal free SATA port)

To be able to boot from the 2,5″ HDD you need a number of items

  1. Sata Cable
  2. OKS-38523 (SATA Floppy Cable)  (€ 3,99)
  3. USB Thumbdrive (preferred 2 if you do not use a SD card)
  4. 2,5″ HDD (or SSD)

Size, in this, does not matter.

First connect the hardware (cables & HDD), do not insert the SD card or USB thumbdrive, do not insert the 4 Data disks (SATA) yet.

Make sure you use AHCI mode for the disks, the RAID module of HP cannot be used.

Install the OpenMediaVault ISO on the SD card, than make sure in the BIOS of the HP Microserver you can boot from it when starting the device. Insert the SD card in the slot and boot, install Openmediavault, it will detect the 2,5″ HDD

After installation: remove the SD card, Openmediavault will boot. Please remember: the 4 DATA disks are still not inserted. If you do so: OpenmediaVault will not boot, insert the USB Thumbdrive to the internal USB port.

Make sure that SSH is enabled within OpenMediavault or that you have access to the shell.

Below installation is derived from this german manual

in the GUI of OMV you can find the installation point of the USB drive, in my situation: /dev/sdb

Clean the disk with the command:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb count=1000

Make a bootable partition
cfdisk /dev/sdb

and do format it. (I formatted it as ext3)
mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb1

mount /mnt /dev/sdb1

Install grub:
grub-install –no-floppy –root-directory=/mnt /dev/sdb

Please note (when printing this: before no-floppy is dash dash (- -) (same for root-directory) and there is a space after /mnt[space] /dev/sdb

Find the in /mnt/boot/grub, it is possible that you do not have it, than read further. If you have a check the boot order:

(hd0)   /dev/disk/by-id/ata-Samsung_HDD_840__500GB_S3C6NSBD57N
(hd1)   /dev/disk/by-id/usb-_FreeCom_Memory_05B209083439BC14-0:0

Make sure you switch the boot order
(hd0)   /dev/disk/by-id/usb-_FreeCom_Memory_05B209083439BC14-0:0
(hd1)   /dev/disk/by-id/ata-Samsung_HDD_840__500GB_S3C6NSBD57N

Activate Grub:
grub-install –root-directory=/mnt /dev/sdb

Please note (when printing this: before root-directory there is a dash dash (- -) and there is a space after /mnt[space] /dev/sdb

grub-mkconfig -o /mnt/boot/grub/grub.cfg

Turn off the device, insert the 4 SATA disks and boot

01-08-2016 I’ve updated the info after noticing a missing mount and the dashes and spacing was hard to see when printing this ;-)

PGOffline & MySQL

For many years I am using PGOffline, a tool to get all the content from yahoogroups.

PGOffline was using up to version 3 an Access Database but with the release of version  4 they went to an SQLite database.  Here came my problem.

For years I was inserting the data from the Access Database into an MySQL database so that with an PHP script I could search through more than 100.00 messages.

But after PGOffline went to SQLite I had an issue cause my ODBC connection was not working anymore. Due to some change in PC’s and notebooks I lost my access database with the ODBC and Queries as well (damn .. )

Altough the mailinglist is not that active anymore, there were some 6000 messages submitted in around 1,5 to 2 years. and I want to have them inserted in the MySQL database still ..

The issue I had was that the SQLite database of PGOffline contains a BLOB (Binary Object)  with the message and is not ‘simply’ readable.

for months I was trying and there was no solution for me to fix that. Until last weekend. And actually it was pretty easy. And I fixed it ..

1. Microsoft Access

2. Make sure you have access to your MySQL database and able to connect to it (do check my.cnf for the bind address (if you are on Linux) make sure you can connect to it from other machines) and make sure the firewall does not block its port (which I noticed after 15 minutes of trying or so)

3. install MySQL ODBC drivers in your environment

4. install SQLite ODBC drivers in your environment

In Access make sure you link to the database with linked tables.

the SQLite database is just the file. In my example its on the same computer as the Access database

The issue I had with the SQLite database and its linked tables was that the ODBC driver did not allow me to search with wildcards (select * from person  where person is like ‘a%’) . To make sure I have all subscribers I made an update query to a local table with all the persons, but in fact that is not needed.

Than I made sure I could read the messages

with this query: ‘StrConv([content],64)’ I was able to decode the BLOB.  and with some other InStr queries I removed the beginning and end of the start of the message as this is ‘garbage’ not needed, I added some HTML breaks.

Finally I created an update query inserting all the new messages from the SQL database not in the MySQL database, I even found that very old messages were not imported at all they were forgotten, now they were inserted as my Query statement request to insert all YahooMessageID’s not in the MySQL database ..




Handig voor VMWARE updates

Registering VMX (Virtual Servers, VMWARE) after messing up ESXI

My Esxi host was messing with me

Some virtual servers where unregistered due to, I dunno. Even after reboot the vmware server lost all its config settings. SSH login password was gone, network was gone ..

So after going back to factory defaults within the GUI I restarted the device, loaded the license key and I saw that all VM’s were gone ..

With following command I got them, one by one, back

vim-cmd solo/registervm /vmfs/volumes/datastore_name/VM_directory/VM_name.vmx

if there is a space in the VM_directory escape it by using “VM_directory” (use quotes)

Salmiak (zelf maken)

Even wat historie:

vroeger kocht mijn vader altijd salmiak bij de drogist (later een DA drogist), deze salmiak zat in een grote bus en werd dan afgewogen en in een puntzakje gedaan. Weggelegd na maanden werd het een stevig klompje zeer zoute drop achtige substantie. Op een schoteltje super zout af en toe met wat extra suiker… Deze salmiak zocht ik.

Goed, laat ik iedereen uit de droom helpen: deze salmiak bestaat niet meer in deze vorm. De salmiak die nu bij de Gaper, bij Jamin te koop is (zout of zoete variant) komt niet in de buurt van de super zoute versie die ik vroeger kreeg.

Dus op zoek naar de ingredienten. Op zich super makkelijk

1. Je koopt een bus met Salmiak Zout (online te koop in bussen van 800 gram tot 1KG

dit salmiak zout is wit en zeer verfijnd. En is dus de basis van je ‘Salmiak’

Omdat het wit is, mis je dus een ander ingredient en wel te weten:

2. Zoethout(wortel) poeder. Ook dit is overal te koop, al heb ik een 200 grams bus gekocht bij de groothandel welke normaliter in de pattisserie gebruikt wordt.

1 Theelepel samiakzout

3 Theelepels zouthoutpoeder

1 Theelepel poedersuiker

En waarempel .. daar heb ik voor 99% tot 100% de smaak die ik na jaren zoeken weer herkende…

Yeah !

De echte zoute lekkere salmiak.

https voor

Gisteren de website overgezet naar https, gewoon omdat het kan en omdat ik eea wilde uittesten met een certificaat op de website. Het werkt. Ik ben er dus blij mee. Certificaat werkt voor een jaar dus daarna zien we wel verder ;0)

Alleen krijg ik momenteel het niet voor elkaar om die www  eraf te halen (too many redirects) .. uhmm zal wel een foute plugin zijn ..

#goedemorgen365 even racen bij de Dirk @ Dirk van den Broek,Kanaal

#goedemorgen365 speciaal voor oma @ AroundMyRoom’s Place

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