CFULLHDMA(i): official release 1.24.03

Fixed: NFS issue (could browse but not play)
Fixed: the crash issue when changing subtitles between SRT and IDX+SUB
Fixed: some .ts files not being played smoothly
Fixed: wrong time estimation on some mpegs
Fixed: Skip Vista 2nd login/password request
Fixed: cannot show subtitle file with multiple lines unicode
Fixed: AVI issue
Fixed: Some MKV files could not being able to be played
Fixed: UTF8 detection issue
Fixed: Playlist sorting issue
Fixed: DLNA mp3 ordering issue
Fixed: internet playlist crash issue
Fixed: some M-JPEG not to play issue (not all M-JPEGS can be supported)
Fixed: some TRP bug
Fixed: BIG5 samba share name not to work issue
Fixed: some subtitle crashed
Fixed: no saving when sub/lang toggle
Fixed: Picture Rotate issue
Fixed: DLNA total file number not to update issue in thumbnail mode
Fixed: UTF8 Greek subtitle issue
Added:Set the biggest font size to 102
Added: Support .smi subtitle
Added: Support MKV embedded subtitle changing font size, color, and position
Added: manual aspect ratio option for video
Changed BT engine as Transmission BT
Changed: the way Samba client was operated
Changed: Speed up the playback time
If the firmware is upgraded from v01.21, need to ResetToDefault to clear the bad BT setting file. Otherwise, BT won’t work untill ResetToDefault (CFULLHDMAi only)

As this is a really large update: reset to factory defaults after upgrading !