CH3SNAS: 1.04RC6 firmware release

New updated firmware for CH3SNAS 1.04RC6

2 fixes in this release:

Set the time by using NTP or from Computer, but when restart the device the time is set back an hour.
Settings uses:
NTP Server:
Time Zone: GMT +01:00
Daylight Saving Time: EU
Issue fixed

When using Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1 than we can create a new user, all is ok
but when modifying this user (new password) than: no username is shown which one is being edited,
when you manually enter a username the page will time-out (blank page)
Issue fixed

download here the 1.04 rc6 firmware
as always: this is a release candidate which can contain wierd things (like some things mentioned in the comments). Make sure when upgrading you have a backup!