CH3SNAS: Firmware 1.05b04-r160


… just the step before official release !
Conceptronic is about to release a new official firmware for CH3SNAS. After some time of technical difficulties with the progress of the firmware with non working ftp, failing UPnP server(s) (in certain conditions) this firmware should finally fix that so that the 1.04 series can be left behind.

This firmware will be tested by the R&D of Conceptronic during this week  but for beta testers, early adaptors, people who trust me or like to use the latest features and functionalities: download here the latest CH3SNAS firmware version 1.05b04-r160

Release note:

  • Due to some changes internally the UPnP server could not restart in certain situation. This UPnP Server is supporting XBOX360 as well as PlayStation 3
  • We also fixed an bug that people could not format the disk when the new inserted disk has already an partition inside. This function is not yet reviewed and tested by the R&D of Conceptronic.