CH3SNAS: 1.05b02

For early birds 1.05b2 (1.58.0219.2009)

REVOKED (ftp server does not work !) Very wierd, but true !

error: Feb 22 16:15:25 CH3SNAS-2 ftp.err pure-ftpd: (?@?) [ERROR] Configuration error: Unknown logging format: simple
Uhpfff I am not happy ..

Quick release notes by head: xbox360 support (Not tested yet), format progress info is better, uptime supported, lan connection speed working again.

I have no idea if e-mail is not working: I can send mail on account level, so check it (check it with internal DNS or external DNS (internal DNS = IP of router what is used when using DHCP mostly)).

It took some time releasing this firmware as I had some difficulties formatting 1 box yesterday. I had heavily modified 1 box and was not able to format at all .. resetting by webinterface was no solution. A forced reset at the back of the device was .. So fixed ;-)

Upgrading should not cause any loss of data, but I advise always to force a factory reset so that scripts do work correctly.

Ok, give me your comments ;-)