Pre-Announcement: CFULLHDMA beta release 1.09.54

New beta release firmware will be released soon with this changelog:


  1. Fixed: iMedia page could not be accessed on Vista
  2. Fixed:  Some AVI file could not be played due to not supported audio stream
  3. Added: Show total subtitle and total audio track number
  4. Fixed: No sound when switching from DTS to AC3in DVD sometimes
  5. Fixed: Sometimes a video could freeze
  6. Fixed: MKV Video with OGGvorbis Audio not sync
  7. Fixed: [BGM] hotkey did not work on AVI file
  8. Added: Support MKV VC1 video
  9. Fixed/Added: Give a work-around to get IP number when failed

beta testers will be informed about this beta release when it’s available.

Update: the support for MKV VC-1 video did not make it in this firmware release unfortunately.