CFULLHDMA(i) – Beta firmware 1.16.02

Beta firmware v01.16.02

  • New Function: Use EDID to select the HDMI highest mode at the first boot.
  • Fixed: some mp3 files cannot play to the end
  • Fixed wrong Bittorrent status (CFULLHDMAi)
  • Fixed: some JPEG files could crash the system
  • Fixed: 8bit BMP file crash when using in Thumbnail mode
  • Changed: minimum volume set as -54dB. Max volume does not mess with quality
  • Changed maximum volume as 0dB to fix some noise issues.
  • Changed: WPA-PSK as WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK (WPA AES is auto detect, and supported)
  • Change iMedia location for furthur support
  • New Function: Enable Youtube feature ( Only for CFULLHDMAi ) – Beta !

We already know that some streams randomly will generate: failed to play this stream we want to hear your comments about the usability and if you can use the implementation.

Beta firmware version information will be send later today to beta testers