CFULLHDMA: 1.15.08 Beta Firmware

New beta firmware, where we improved a lot on TS level and audio. Some settings were causing stability issues (Auto EDID) and are under review
Version 1.15.08

  • Fixed: TS file cannot resume
  • Fixed: TS file cannot do A-B mode
  • Fixed: TS/VC1 does not play file
  • Fixed: time bar freezed on some files
  • Fixed: MKV did not play when having 2 DTS and Vorbis track
  • Fixed:  audio hickup issue with AC3 pass through SPDIF when Digital Audio Output set to “SPDIF/RAW” 
  • Fixed: some avi files could crash system
  • Fixed: M3U issue with extra VLC tag EXTVLCOPT entry
  • Improved: TS file loading time
  • Added: ENTER button to navigate in setup options 

It could be that EDID in combination with Auto-Sync is working but that is under analyze.