Due to a bug in my betatest subscribe plugin installed tonight I am not able to validate any new subscriber. All e-mail addresses are marked bad. And due to changes in the script it does not allow me to downgrade.

So I have to wait for the developer of the nice (it’s worked perfectly before) plugin ..

Important for all CFULLHDMA beta testers

CFULLHDMA beta testers have to register themselves again for beta-testing (and be able to download beta firmware versions) at the CFULLHDMA PAGE. If you did not receive any e-mail this morning from me your e-mail address was lost totally. Only a limited amount of people could be informed.

The new way of subscribing yourself for beta testing gives you more control with what e-mail address you want to subscribe or if necessary unsubscribe yourself without my interaction.

Pre-Announcement: CFULLHDMA beta release 1.09.54

New beta release firmware will be released soon with this changelog:


  1. Fixed: iMedia page could not be accessed on Vista
  2. Fixed:  Some AVI file could not be played due to not supported audio stream
  3. Added: Show total subtitle and total audio track number
  4. Fixed: No sound when switching from DTS to AC3in DVD sometimes
  5. Fixed: Sometimes a video could freeze
  6. Fixed: MKV Video with OGGvorbis Audio not sync
  7. Fixed: [BGM] hotkey did not work on AVI file
  8. Added: Support MKV VC1 video
  9. Fixed/Added: Give a work-around to get IP number when failed

beta testers will be informed about this beta release when it’s available.

Update: the support for MKV VC-1 video did not make it in this firmware release unfortunately.



Upcoming fixes Beta firmware CFULLHDMA

Conceptronic CFULLHDMA beta release version number:

  • It fixes an issue causing the CFULLHDMA to crash when a user is using DVD Shrink to rip a DVD and where an audio track was removed
  • In previous version in NFS mode the MKV trick mode was not working
  • In previous version some M2TS/MKV could not be played correctly (loading icon appeared), 
  • In previous version when editing the iMedia URL from PC it could crash

After upgrading and reboot, please turn off (remove power-cord) and turn on (insert power-cord) again.

Beta testers will be informed when this version is available. If you are not beta-tester you can apply but you will only get an e-mail when I offer a new beta firmware version. So the current beta version will not be send to you.

Beta Firmware released

After getting only 1 or 2 serious issues reported in the firmware (failing DVD playback after x minutes and/or some issues with DVD menu) we analyzed some content and found the bug and could solve it which resulted in the release of The user experience should be awesome now if it was not already ;-)

It’s the intention to release this version to the public through the official channel.

Release note for

Fixing playback of DVD video causing the CFULLHDMA to crash/hang
Fixing some AVI files giving too few IFrames, causing the CFULLHDMA to hang
Fixing a bug causing no sound to have on HDMI when changing video output when playing music files

CFULLHDMA Beta firmware release 1.09.41

I was really disappointed to withdraw the firmware of yesterday due to some serious issues. Due to the special feature of using SRT files with the CH3SNAS the iMedia part stopped working. Damn..

After debugging we found the main reason and we can announce a new beta firmware and fixing some other issues as well:

  • Fixed iMedia hang (not working)
  • Fixed some avi files could not be played
  • Fixed MP3 with embedded picture
  • New: add NFS to support extern CD cover for audio files

Firmware file will be available for beta testers. They will be informed by mail

note: many ‘internet streams’ will work properly now! (like uitzendinggemist, sbs6 uitzending gemist etc..) some like: rtl4 uitzendinggemist are under debugging.

Beta Firmware CFULLHDMA 1.09.40 pre-release update


  • changed: cd cover image size in music window
  • changed: removed some dead iMedia links
  • Improved: iMedia playing Prebuffering stability
  • Improved: jpeg decode quality
  • Improved: Prevent FLAC mono file to hang
  • Improved: reliability of Prebuffering feature (Cont.)
  • Improved: Increase the rescan samba server duration to 90 seconds.
  • Improved: Avoid 1920×1200 progressive mode jpegs to crash system
  • Fixed: Hebrew srt issue
  • Fixed: hang issue ( mp4 without video )
  • Fixed: little mp3 issue
  • Fixed: flac hang issue when leaving playing window
  • Fixed: IMedia Name containing quotes or apos cannot be deleted
  • Fixed: DVD stutter issue (chapters)
  • Fixed: Flac stops from playing problem
  • Fixed: some not-playable MKV files
  • Fixed: some MKV file lag
  • Fixed: Flac playing with wrong rate
  • Fixed: fix crash issue when play audio only MP4 file
  • Fixed: some jpeg files are not correctly displayed
  • Fixed: some MKV files with abnormal audio
  • Fixed: iMedia list backup function can’t work correctly when USB storage is removed too fast
  • Fixed: some wave files not to be played issue ( created by WMP11 )
  • Fixed: DVD Zoom/Move icon always on screen
  • New: support to hide subtitle of VOB file
  • New: Support OFF function for external subtitle files
  • New: keep the previous audio and subtitle setting when playing next video file (VOB -> VOB  and MKV -> MKV)
  • New: support MP3 with embedded picture
  • New: support wav audio in MKV files
  • New: add Pre-buffering when streaming lag
  • New: support iMedia adding function after upgrade
  • New: support DVD seek by time.
  • New: support music screen saver

More info about availability later. Firmware will be released to beta testers (probably tomorrow tonight) first, before a public release will be made through the official channel. Firmware version is withdrawn due to some issues we have to debug. (mainly on music level).