CFULLHDMA(i) Beta: v01.18.06

To be released as beta next week:


  • Fixed: duration issue on ts files
  • Fixed: some ts files cannot play
  • Fixed: LPCM crash issue
  • Fixed: not able to stop when playing picture in slideshow mode
  • Fixed: some JPEG could crash
  • Fixed: MPEG1 Karaoke files could stutter
  • Fixed: 1080p24 flicking issue
  • Fixed: not to see embedded picture for mp3 files
  • Fixed: TrueHD audio
  • Fixed: HDMI TV output noise when selecting S/PDIF RAW to S/PDIF/RAW and S/PDIF&HDMI RAW
  • Fixed: srt subtitles
  • Fixed: some pictures thumbnail could not show correctly 
  • Updated: Speed up the playback time for video
  • Add “most popular” &”most recent” and remove “most link” for Youtube
  • Improve Youtube playing speed
  • Improve JPEG color quality

CFULLHDMA(i): New beta firmware 1.17.52


  • New: Option to select Gigabit or 10/100 Network speed. This should give positive effect on stability and heat.
  • Fixed: Youtube cannot play anymore
    Experimental: Add Samba Client manual input
    1. username@password//server/share
    2. //server/share
  • Note: samba link will be added under the main share like a shortcut. Function is not validated nor approved nor really functional yet. Very experimental.

  • New: Support for MicroDVD .sub subtitle files
  • Fixed: 1080p24 GUI flicker issue 

Find the new functions under the setup, advanced settings menu.

Tip: CFULLHDMA(i) & USB WLAN Dongles

If you use 1.17.22 as firmware version for your CFULLHDMA(i) and you want to use a WLAN USB dongle to connect your CFULLHDMA(i) wireless to your network: only a Conceptronic C300RU can work

But if you use 1.17.43 (latest firmware release) more USB Dongles are supported. Also the new C150RU Conceptronic dongle is supported, but ….. you can also use other brands as well. As long as the dongle is based on the Ralink chipset for 802.11n it can work. No guarantees though ;-)

CFULLHDMA(i): Undocumented Special Feature

Ok, requested by several users, but never being implemented until I discovered the function. I have to kick someone ..

Hell: the function is unsupported, non documented, but it is working (as it seems)

What function? Youtube Search … WOW .. ;-)

Go to your iMedia screen, hit the Youtube function, see the standard options and hit the MENU button. Enter your search and your keyword will be search within youtube. If you search for aroundmyroom you will find my short movie: ‘flowers’

CFULLHDMA(i): Beta firmware 1.17.38

Released to beta testers today

Version v01.17.38

fixed: avi/ts playback issue
improved: the performance for playback 1080p
Fixed: the HWICS issue

Beta testers will receive the info for download later today. Non beta testers will be able to use this firmware next week through the official internet download channel.

As you can see Conceptronic is alive and kicking ! Thank you for your trust !

CFULLHDMA(i) beta firmware 1.17.22 – 1.17.19

Available for subscribed beta testers:

  • Fixed: System hang when playing video files and pause for several minutes (change kernel memory size)
  • Fixed: photo thumbnail mode crash sometimes
  • Fixed: photo exif information not cleaned when in slideshow
  • Fixed: MPEG2 has no sound at S/PDIFF option off
  • Improved: Speed up Network share searching time when switch network
  • Removed: S/N Display from version page
  • Fixed: network cable unplug crash when playing youtube stream
  • Fixed: some MKV files skips and drops audio with DTS Passthrough
  • Fixed: playing the same song over and over when Music Auto Play is set to repeat
  • Added: Conceptronic recommends in iMedia for CFULLHDMAi
  •  Temporarily broken: some streaming media through imedia. Several services do not work as expected in this beta. Main focus of this release is to get feedback about the pause issue reported by many testers.

Please submit your feedback! firmware version ONLY available for beta testers already subscribed.

CFULLHDMA(i): Release Candidate 1.17.04 firmware

Release Candidate 1.17.04 for beta testers.

Version v01.17.04 is beta where probably 1.17.05 will be used as official release with minor adjustments in translation mistakes.

  • Fixed: static IP address could not be saved
  • Fixed: reset iMedia functionality could not work as expected
  • Fixed: SHOUTCast Logo noise point
  • Fixed: ISO, DVD/IFO could not be played when using latest DMS software of Conceptronic (available in beta folder as well).
  • Fixed: music repeat mode crashed after changing server or directory.
  • Added: trp file extension to play video as mpeg2
  • Updated: translation table languages (still some pending mistakes)

CFULLHDMA(i) beta firmware release 1.16.08

Version 1.16.08 (beta)

  • Remove 1080P on component output mode (component goes up to 1080i)
  • Fixed: some JPEG files cannot play DMS ( introduced from 1.16.07 ) (*updated DMS software later !)
  • Fixed: some MPEG video could crash the device
  • Fixed: device could crash when playing image in thumbnail mode
  • Fixed: some DVD ff (fastforward/backward) abnormal behaviour

Available for beta testers