Conceptronic: CH3HNAS firmware 2.3.37

RFR (Ready For Release) Beta firmware 2.3.38 for CH3HNAS

1. Fixed: Add device name and group name setting page. Lost in previous firmware
2. Add NFS Service.
3. Fixes HDD suspend mode where the web gui cannot be displayed anymore
4. Add option for dhcp server: “auto”
5. New Function: Web admin password and ssh user password are combined
6. New Function: when changing the device name the browser redirects to the new device name.
7. Fixed: webgui could not be accessed when HDD was in suspend mode
8. Fixed: network start cannot get correct BOOTPROTO.
9. New Function: DHCP service can set correct DNS address
10. Changed ssh user to admin (combining web admin user with ssh user): advise to change default admin password.
11. Modified: smbpasswd to support admin user.
12. Modified: UPnP folder select button was not correct
13. Sort the rootfs.(/var/www/iTunes_server)
14. Modified udhcpd start sequence.
15. Add lmhosts.
16. Fixed: uShare and iTunes cannot keep status.
17. New Function: add a disable option for UPnP rescan time.
18. Add new option: rescan times for for iTunes.
19. Modified that when DHCP Server disconnects, auto reset IP to
20. Modified: increasing the samba performance.
21: Fixed: cannot use device name to access device

download here

CH3HNAS – test Fun_Plug

Only for people who like to test

Conceptronic CH3HNAS with Fun_Plug (in 2 flavours: chrooted and without a chrooted environment). A lot of functions are not implemented, will not work or even have bugs. It is highly experimental and only for those who want to play around. It is also not c0mpatible with fun_plug 0.5 as it is causing segmentation faults. But with the GPL sources of the device you can do more with compiling packages for your own

chrooted environment: download these files: firmware [1] & fun_plug