Weer thuis

Weer veilig thuis! .. 7 uur tijdsverschil weer overbrugt en nu weer in het nederlandse ritme komen. In ieder geval lekker hollandse kost vanavond: Stoofperen met heerlijke draadjesvlees. Dat is nu eens wat anders dan een week Chinees/Japans eten LOL

Oja: ik beken direct: Hong Kong Airport heeft een hele goede Burger King!

Last Day in China


Today is my last day in China. Today we travel from China back to HongKong, than flying back to Taipei and from there fly to Amsterdam. So my Sunday is almost only filled with flying. Yesterday we visited ‘the great wall of china’ Look at the image I took. Oh b.t.w. this is in Shenshen, a more or less ‘Madurodam’ Park … (all kind of cultural stuff of China in miniature)

Flying to

Taiwan + China. Stops in Bangkok and Hong Kong

temperature is bad: last week +20 degrees in Taipei, but now dropping to 15 and less, hard wind and rain. So this rule applies again: when Dennis is going far-east it’s giving bad weather.

Let’s see how the new BangKok airport is. And first time visit HongKong (only airport for stop-over) and Shenzen (China).