Template fixed and changed again. The header is smaller than before, the only issue is on the right that the ‘google-adsense’ part or admatch (Sire Ad is displayed randomly now) advertisement is not centered in the div statement. Wierd.. tried all kind of options.

Busy with the header and banner, yes things do not seem not to be okay yet, but I am working on it .. but first shopping .. laterrrr

Almost ready with the header css stuff. I think it is looking kewl now ..

Why was this update neccessary: better integration with phpads, google-ads and the admatch networks. And together with the yearmix of Dizzy DJ I succeeded to fix the problem(s) rather easily. More about Yearmixes 2006 here !


here is my CSS file and I have some troubles with my header imaging. I want to have the Google Ads with the light blue line on the bottom and than the image without the blue line above it. right now the Google Ad is a overlay on top of the Image. But in one way or the other my code is sucking :-( Making my own life difficult


Available to the public: my modified WordPress 2.0 theme based on the great Leia theme/

download here Version 1.0 of my Modified theme.

I am using the following plugins:

  • SiFR for the flashy Topic Title (CG FlashyTitles)
  • Lightbox 2.0 for the nice image popup
  • Smart Archives to have an archive page

There are some issues with the black box (comments/categories etc.) going through an image when it’s floating right. When the image is a the left, no problem. So help is appreciated. Download this theme. Kuddos to Leia.

Note: the CSS still contains portugese names, but the main info is translated into English.

Some CSS troubles. The dark grey are is messing up my post when only an image is inserted with a single line of informtation. I can insert 6 times a <br /> character, but that will mes up the rest of the entries.

Anyone an idea?