Request for comments: CH3SNAS

I’ve 2 bugs submitted to the dev team about CH3SNAS:

Clock drift ‘ ; this issue was not ‘reproduced’ by the dev. team. I need a clear description how the bug can be found and/or reproduced. They used for more than 10 days the command rtc -r and date to check the time and saw no issues. Please do not drop it in the comments but e-mail me.

NTP bug: it’s difficult to test, can someone try to give a more clear way to test like:

  • 1. exact time
  • 2. Nas display time with GMT+1 and no DST
  • 3. Nas display time with GMT+12 and EU DST
  • 4. NAS display time with GMT and No DST
  • 5. NAS dislay time with GMT and no EU DST

The more info the better. Please submit your help to my e-mail address.


and NTP bug