Conceptronic MediaTitan Firmware News

Not written much about the Conceptronic MediaTitan as a lot is discussed on the forum, hosted on my platform. But yeah we have many mediaplayer with various functions ..

But as I have some nice news for the users … I can announce the availability of new firmware to be released soon. Very soon

Release Notes for 1.3.16.xxxx

  • Fixed: FF/RW issues on files
  • Fixed: EPG issues with TV3/K33
  • Fixed: DVB-T Pixalation
  • Fixed: Italy DVB-T Channels issue
  • Fixed: On certain action Mediatitan could crash
  • Improved: the way of zapping channels for TV
  • Improved: Wireless connection stability (only for Wireless version)
  • Improved: as written in fixed: the stability of the player when forward / rewind video on recorded TV, local video and network
  • Improved: Searching for new devices in the network

CFULLHDMA(i): Beta firmware 1.17.38

Released to beta testers today

Version v01.17.38

fixed: avi/ts playback issue
improved: the performance for playback 1080p
Fixed: the HWICS issue

Beta testers will receive the info for download later today. Non beta testers will be able to use this firmware next week through the official internet download channel.

As you can see Conceptronic is alive and kicking ! Thank you for your trust !

Official Release: 1.17.22.xx CFULLHDMA firmware

Customers with a CFULLHDMA or CFULLHDMAi have the ability to upgrade their device to / or

The most important fix is the ‘Pause’ issue and we have added the ‘Conceptronic Recommends’ channel in IMedia. Interesting channels are available through a menu. Note that this function is still experimental.


  • Fixed: system hang when playing DVD files (iso and ifo approach) and then pause for several minutes, and then press the play button again
  • Added: HWICS link as “Conceptronic recommends” / “Hwics://”
  • Fixed photo thumbnail mode crash issue sometimes
  • Fixed photo exif information not cleaned all when slideshow mode
  • Fixed mpeg2 no sound issue at S/PDIF option off
  • Support multiple language for Youtube catagory
  • Speed up network share searching time when switching network

our team of developers is working very hard to solve certain bugs mentioned by beta testers. For instance some DTS drops and the performance of 1080p which is under debugging now.

CH3SNAS: 1.05.b05 – fixing functions working in the past

After the latest release of 1.05.b04 I received a few e-mails of users telling that certain options did not work as expected
So we checked the submitted issues and today we release 1.05.b05

Release Notes

  • UPnP Server does not allow single quote ‘ in foldernames: fixed
  • Special character like ! in password could not be used anymore: fixed

Download the 1.05b05 here

if all goes well this release will be available as official download from the site next week.

CFULLHDMA(i) beta firmware 1.17.22 – 1.17.19

Available for subscribed beta testers:

  • Fixed: System hang when playing video files and pause for several minutes (change kernel memory size)
  • Fixed: photo thumbnail mode crash sometimes
  • Fixed: photo exif information not cleaned when in slideshow
  • Fixed: MPEG2 has no sound at S/PDIFF option off
  • Improved: Speed up Network share searching time when switch network
  • Removed: S/N Display from version page
  • Fixed: network cable unplug crash when playing youtube stream
  • Fixed: some MKV files skips and drops audio with DTS Passthrough
  • Fixed: playing the same song over and over when Music Auto Play is set to repeat
  • Added: Conceptronic recommends in iMedia for CFULLHDMAi
  •  Temporarily broken: some streaming media through imedia. Several services do not work as expected in this beta. Main focus of this release is to get feedback about the pause issue reported by many testers.

Please submit your feedback! firmware version ONLY available for beta testers already subscribed.

CH3SNAS: Firmware 1.05b04-r160


… just the step before official release !
Conceptronic is about to release a new official firmware for CH3SNAS. After some time of technical difficulties with the progress of the firmware with non working ftp, failing UPnP server(s) (in certain conditions) this firmware should finally fix that so that the 1.04 series can be left behind.

This firmware will be tested by the R&D of Conceptronic during this week  but for beta testers, early adaptors, people who trust me or like to use the latest features and functionalities: download here the latest CH3SNAS firmware version 1.05b04-r160

Release note:

  • Due to some changes internally the UPnP server could not restart in certain situation. This UPnP Server is supporting XBOX360 as well as PlayStation 3
  • We also fixed an bug that people could not format the disk when the new inserted disk has already an partition inside. This function is not yet reviewed and tested by the R&D of Conceptronic.

CFULLHDMA(i): Release Candidate 1.17.04 firmware

Release Candidate 1.17.04 for beta testers.

Version v01.17.04 is beta where probably 1.17.05 will be used as official release with minor adjustments in translation mistakes.

  • Fixed: static IP address could not be saved
  • Fixed: reset iMedia functionality could not work as expected
  • Fixed: SHOUTCast Logo noise point
  • Fixed: ISO, DVD/IFO could not be played when using latest DMS software of Conceptronic (available in beta folder as well).
  • Fixed: music repeat mode crashed after changing server or directory.
  • Added: trp file extension to play video as mpeg2
  • Updated: translation table languages (still some pending mistakes)

CFULLHDMA(i) beta firmware release 1.16.08

Version 1.16.08 (beta)

  • Remove 1080P on component output mode (component goes up to 1080i)
  • Fixed: some JPEG files cannot play DMS ( introduced from 1.16.07 ) (*updated DMS software later !)
  • Fixed: some MPEG video could crash the device
  • Fixed: device could crash when playing image in thumbnail mode
  • Fixed: some DVD ff (fastforward/backward) abnormal behaviour

Available for beta testers