So what is happening to Mastercard Creditcards?

Friends of mine got their cards blocked and this weekend I discovered that my card is also blocked? What the ??

checking my account till end of october showed no signs of abuse or mis-usage .. So I wonder why my credit card is blocked. I will check it today with my bank .. More info later and if you have some info: write something in the comments

Mastercard, Priceless….

Update: called my local Bank office and they told me that there was a ‘foreign countries’ block code onto my Card. It should have nothing to do with internet payments. The only question they asked me if I had been travelling abroad and used my card (yes, in Hong Kong) and afterwards my card was used / debited in the U.K.  by an internet payment ..

Mmm This afternoon I can have it unblocked by visiting my local bank office.

Update II: back from visiting the local bank, but they could not tell me a lot. But I was called quickly after my visit by the fraud prevent department of the Credit Card agency. Their internal bells were ringing after some wierd things happened on my cardnumber last week.

7 november people tried to abuse my credit card in several stores, internet shops and restaurants in mainly England and Italy.

In total they tried to abuse the card for more than a couple 3 to 4000) euro. They succeeded in getting something from the Virgin Store for EUR 430 .. It was tried many times .. . 

So I have to get that money back … Tomorrow I will be called again by the fraud team. Sorry for the palls at DMC in England but I think your system is causing my trouble. You are the only one where it is possible to pay without direct checking secure. For me it’s clear .. Someone is abusing the system.