Announcement: CFULLHDMA beta firmware 1.09.10

To be released to beta testers later today:

Version 1.09.10

  • fixed: Volume level was / is not saved after turning off the device.
  • fixed: ISO could not be played anymore through SAMBA and USB HDD
  • Fixed: Movies and Subtitles with lots of ‘dots’ in the filename and in the same folder was only displaying the subtitle at first file. Rest of the files could not display the subtitle file.
  • fixed: Solved stream issue: stop playing after the advertisement check with: stream

v1.09.09 internal release, not released.

Note: beta testers have reported issues with some MKV files. They are still under investigation / debugging

Announcement: CFULLHDMA beta firmware release 1.09.08


  • Changed: Updated icon for Samba shares (based on Samba Logo)
  • Added:  support MKV ASS
  • Added: Support MKV embedded .sub
  • Added: Support for P24 (1080p mode)
  • Added: Support for AVI2.0 (OpenDML)
  • Fixed: Subtitle new line issue \N { & }  etc..  in MKV
  • Fixed: NFS edit (IMEDIA) issue, adding / editing was not possible
  • Fixed: Device could crash when modifying URL to access webinterface over UPnP port

Quick adding NFS links or other imedia url’s can be done through: