Conceptronic MediaTitan Firmware News

Not written much about the Conceptronic MediaTitan as a lot is discussed on the forum, hosted on my platform. But yeah we have many mediaplayer with various functions ..

But as I have some nice news for the users … I can announce the availability of new firmware to be released soon. Very soon

Release Notes for 1.3.16.xxxx

  • Fixed: FF/RW issues on files
  • Fixed: EPG issues with TV3/K33
  • Fixed: DVB-T Pixalation
  • Fixed: Italy DVB-T Channels issue
  • Fixed: On certain action Mediatitan could crash
  • Improved: the way of zapping channels for TV
  • Improved: Wireless connection stability (only for Wireless version)
  • Improved: as written in fixed: the stability of the player when forward / rewind video on recorded TV, local video and network
  • Improved: Searching for new devices in the network


Ah .. I see that people at work made public one of our latest projects: The Conceptronic MediaTitan and someone told mpcclub after reading the newspage

a complete new kind of media player (yep all kind of formats can be played (like the cfullhdma)) / recorder with DVB-T functionalities. Especially for those countries with large DVB-T usage (free to air) .. the remote control is awesome rocking in usability but totally different in what people are used to use …

the design is slick and slim and it was kept very simple.

Internal is a nice new processor (will be revealed later) ;-)

Especially on the GUI the dev team has worked hard for many month’s to get a nice usable GUI (Graphical User Interface)

A small hint or tip of the main menu: