Munin help needed with renaming graph titles

[nerd mode] this article includes the update with solution ;-)

Does someone know how to configure Munin to change or rename graph titles of a smart switch with SNMP?

I have a smart Ethernet switch and I get my SNMP data, but the interface ports are called: interface port 1, interface port 2, interface port 3 etc.. But I want to have this renamed so that I can identify the various interface ports as: router, NAS, uplink, wireless, server1, server 2 etc.

Is it possible to configure this with munin?

I’ve looked in the docs, but cannot find anything about how to rename something.

Update, after long searching and looking through manuals/guides/how-to I have found what does the job [this was the entry telling me: hey that could be the solution]

in munin.conf select the config part where the device / node is configured

use_node_name no

Under use_node_name no you can put your manual ‘overrides’

Port one of my smart switch is called:

  • snmp_highway1_if_err_1 (for errors)
  • snmp_highway1_if_1.graph_title (for traffic)

So here I define the names of the interfaces:

snmp_highway1_if_err_1.graph_title [P1] Cable/Router Errors
snmp_highway1_if_1.graph_title [P1] Cable/Router Traffic
snmp_highway1_if_err_2.graph_title [P2] Smart Switch Boven Errors
snmp_highway1_if_2.graph_title [P2] Smart Switch Boven Traffic
snmp_highway1_if_err_3.graph_title [P3] AccessPoint/Switch Kamer Errors
snmp_highway1_if_3.graph_title [P3] AccessPoint/Switch Kamer Traffic


The magic is done with .graph_title, per interface you can define the graph title.

After 5 minutes of waiting my graphs are being updated and generated with the correct interface names so that you can remember what you have connected to which port of your smart switch (in my case).