Copying 150GB Music data from NAS 1 to NAS2. Not happy with it, but as NAS 1 only has 7GB free space I have to do it. Moving the Albums folder to another ‘save’ environment.

Sinds 2001 wordt er vanaf oktober een lijst bijgehouden met informatie over de mooiste muziek mixen uit dat desbetreffende jaar. 

Ook dit jaar houdt weer een lijst bij met de beste jaarmixen over het jaar 2007

Dus wil je weten welk radiostation of DJ  een mix maakt met de beste muziek uit het jaar 2007 bezoek dan

Wil je in contact komen met mede mix-freaks? abonneer je dan op de mixfreaks mailinglijst

From a mailinglist: some 2 years ago you paid $ 1.49 for house tracks when ie. ordering from Due to Apple music store this became $1.99 for the latest tracks in 2005. From 2006 it is possible to download 320Kbps MP3 files but if you pay $1 more you could get the wav file.

Now Beatport upgraded to version 3.0. So are you living in Europe? Ah .. Euro-Style. Living in UK? UK-Style. Rest of the world in Dollars.

So as of today $ = €, so a track is €. 1.99 and for special ones: € 2,49. Wav format? Please add € 1 more please. So check what you are paying for 1 single track in ‘best’ quality. That’s even more than a single-cd.

If it was good quality it could be reasonable but the recordcompanies are messing up: encoding is bad, quality is bad, mastering is bad. What if you get bad quality? it is extremely hard to proove it’s bad quality and get your money back. 

Record companies like Universal, who first use myspace or youtube for free promotional space for bands now demand millions for ‘potential’ losses.

My message to those Record Companies: first make sure you have your ‘masters’ proper stored and make sure the CD you release is properly mastered. What can I do when I feel ripped-off when hearing a vinyl copy on a CD? Without fans you were even not able to release music in utmost best quality because you (the record companies) cannot find where the original master is. So is it only about the ‘copyrights’? or can we as buyers also ask you to give us proper material?

Few Days to Go & Counting …

Just a reminder 

On September 1, 2006 the changes to the Russian copyright legislation will come into force. Since January 2006 the site has been making direct agreements with rightholders and authors at the same time increasing the price of the music compositions and transferring the royalties directly to the artists and record companies. The aim of is to agree with all rightholders on the prices and royalties amounts by September 1, 2006.”

hema.jpgErg grappig om te lezen, Hoe word ik een DJ ..

Alles wat je moet weten om DJ te worden. De cursus gaat niet alleen over de apparatuur die je nodig hebt, maar ook over de benodigde vaardigheden, die aan de hand van videobeelden worden uitgelegd. Van beatmatchen tot turntablism! Het schijnt dat Mark van der Hurk van BamBamStudio in Eindhoven erachter zit .. nou .. dat valt dan weer mee ;-)

Tsja als de rookworst de vroegere kwaliteit niet meer heeft dan zoek je het maar in muziek ;-)