Conceptronic CH3SNAS firmware 1.03Final Release

Important info: 1.03Final can cause files to become corrupted when copying data with an alternative copy tool, like: Total Commander and/or TeraCopy etc. This has been reported by several users and I could finally reproduce it today.

Therefore please use 1.03b6a again to be sure your copied data will not be corrupted!

New firmware to be expected today /tomorrow. It will be the final 1.03 version

Released: 1.03Final 

  • added Request : PureFTPD supports SIZE and MDTM
  • added Request: SSL support
  • Fixed: HDD1 unable to sleep in Raid1 mode
  • added Request : FTP Server support option -O : ftp logging
  • Refresh only new added files automatically (instantly), so remove the “Refresh” button and Auto Refresh Timer from GUI for UPnP AV server part / I-Tunes part. this will give more stability and better performance. Note: Works through SAMBA shares, FTP is unknown
  • added Request: NFS v3 option enabled (for use with fun_plug: untested)
  • added: scandisk returned
  • Questionmark: fun_plug installation workable? Existing installations seems to work, but I was unable to get it working on my device (from scratsch)¬†<sigh> unrar the funplug put it in the root of Volume_1 .. reboot .. no go :-( I think I do something wrong .. strange: Volume_2 .. worked

Other options requested are scheduled for 1.04 (like the HELO part for Matthijs)

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Regarding RDC2882 V49 firmware for LANDISK devices
RDC is writing that it’s a beta test version and they did not ‘publish’ it to the public
The reason for the release is a problem in the SAMBA function in MAC OS 10.5.1 however it seems that in MAC forums people write that there is more or less a bug in 10.5.1
compatibility problem…, MAC OS released 10.5.2 version to solve this
It seems that the NAS-BASIC48 firmware is just working fine with the 10.5.2 and that is one of the main reason they did not release NAS-BASIC49