Find here my hellavcr configuration I used with the CH3SNAS / CH3MNAS with the nzbget newsbin configuration I created.
the configuration contains mainy, if not all, tv shows I followed or am following (above rar file is with gzdecode function (gzip)

Update: 17-01-2011

this rar file has all my TV series, posters inside, but lacks all api keys and usernames, it is also allowing you to tweet again. So you have to add the usernames and api information in the config file and var file. I do not recall if I have added my own thetvdb api key, but this one you could pick from your old hellavcr configuration or from the one above ;-). To tweet you have to register the application and enter 4 different new keys (actually the username and password for twitter are NOT your normal username and password !)

Just unpack the rar file in a folder and copy it in the /web/ folder of your nzbget installation so that you can access it with http://nas-device:8000/hellavcr

of course you have to create a crontab or manually execute the hellavcr.php script with: php hellavcr.php
note: hellavcr is depending on nzbmatrix and you need a vip account. Unfortunately the search api is offline so this script will not download any valid nzbfile.
But as I got some requests to share my config. Here

Looking for a Linux script(er)

I’m looking for someone who is able to create a simple script

it must be able to download nzb files from a rss feed like feeds from tvnzb.com (or from other sites around)

with options like: download files start with harpers+island with x264 in the filename or 720p etc.. so that in this situation something like Harpers.Island.S01E07.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION would be downloaded. In this situation nzbfiles matching certain criteria will be auto-downloaded and put in a folder.
I used TV NZB Reader already but that one is for Windows and I want to use it on the Conceptronic CH3SNAS device

So if anyone likes this … Please help me! ;-)