I’m busy with a new installation of nzbget. My test environment is now running NZBGet version 0.7.0-testing-r308.

I decided to put all standard functions in 1 folder to make it possible to create an archive and have it extracted and with some minor adjustments have it working fine on the CH3SNAS or any other device with /mnt/HD_a2 as root

I also configured nzbget that newzbin can be used. This needed the php.ini to load the extension after some debugging and testing it was functional.

RFH (Request For HELP): UNPAK2 script for NZBget

I’ve managed to modify the updated unpak script from ydroll for the CH3SNAS with NZBGET. This one is much bigger and much worse to have it correctly implemented in the CH3SNAS (especially as there is a ‘catalog’ file included, which is different scripted and has less ‘hard-coded’ pathnames in it.

I’m not a script-kiddie, so Request for Help: the script in my folder is for experts only: you need to know what you are doing. I think the script is working for 95% and 5% gives probably issue on the catalog part. So if someone is able to modify the script / idea of ydroll so that many users of the Ch3SNAS can use it: help is appreciated on the UNPAK1 (the standard version I also use) and UNPAK2 script.

Looking forward to modified scrips .. ;-)

Update nzbget.conf

This how-to is outdated. Use this one!

to have the ch3snas working fine with nzbget you need the nzget.conf file
I have adjusted the nzbget.conf delivered with latest beta release nzbget-0.6.0-testing-r269 to have it working with the CH3SNAS and my previous installation instruction. download the new file here you can rename the to nzbget.conf

I’m now checking if there is an updated unpak script yes/no ;-)

Adding NZBget to CH3SNAS

I’m busy with adding a new functionality to my CH3SNAS, just to see if I can succeed finishing a project working fine ..

To get NZBGET working first install FFP 05. (Fonz Fun Plug) to enable Telnet. Download than all packages you think you need.

I download stuff from Usenet and together with the CH3SNAS you can use NZBGET to download. (you can grap your copy here) Do not forget to download and install libpar2 and libsigc you need it to get NZBGET running.

update 171208: Fonz removed the package as it was not working properly. follow to see more info and binary file of nzbget. I am using (as of December 2008) version 0.6.0-r252 and I was able to download around 200GB before I had to reboot my device (somewhere the unzip or postprocess is causing a crash and a reboot of the device is the best way). Hugbug provides a correct binary for CH3SNAS / DNS323 from his sourceforge site !

Although nzbget is working, the scripts configured, the postprocessing is almost perect, I still have a tiny little issue with a killed nzbget when it’s trying to fix some RAR files with it’s PARS ..

INFO Verifying file diverse models2.part54.rar
6 threads, 0 KB/s, 2217.31 MB remaining, 1 post-job, Paused, Avg. 0 KB/s
(Q)uit | (E)dit | (P)ause | (R)ate | (W)indow | (G)roup | (T)ime | n(Z)b Killed
/ #
Here in the console screen of my telnet session it suddenly receives a Killed message and the NZBGET tool is not running anymore. So although it’s 99% ok, I am not happy nzbget is getting killed ..\

Later more info