CFULLHDMA: Share content to analyze

It could be possible that you encounter an issue with a certain multimediafile (music / video / photo) during playback on the CFULLHDMA.

To analyze your issue it is important to have exactly the same content you are using. A lot of people do not have the ability to provide the content themselves, but are able to upload.

If you have issues and want to share them with me: upload your content to my FTP server. Create a folder and put there the file including a text file with the issue (English language please) – Username: conceptronic – Password: cfullhdma

You can upload, resume etc.. but you cannot download .. so do not bother trying (but you will) … If this FTP ability is successful I will keep using it, otherwise I will close the FTP again.

For freaks: I use a little updated version of these PROFTPD settings to prevent downloading and some other things ..

Proftpd adding features to setup

I got a special request of a user:

allow a user to upload files, see the files but do not allow them to download any of the stored files. (So you can share 1 account to many but they are not allowed to download those files with that same account).

The master user of that vhost is allowed to control the whole upload folder.

It took me a good dinner to find an appropriate proftpd.conf setting. Some tests performed and it’s working now .

Find here the script