New Server Running for AroundMyRoom

Due to some issues I have now a new server for all my websites. Slowly I am copying all data and databases. For you, this site visitor, it means more speed, quicker loading of pages. So be happy ;-)

I’ve 4 databases running for this site (banner, trac, forum, weblog) .. and all data was quickly transferred. Not much I had to do to have all things running .. DNS updated .. Whoalla ..

if you read this, your DNS is updated and the site is running from the new server .. I will have to test the mail .. but we will see how that is working ;-)

20Mbps ADSL Speed


After some testing today I finally have the speed I thought I should get. Stuff and Issues are solved ;-)

First image is a speed test from a FTP server which is

connected at an university computer with 100Mbps. Max speed over 2Mbps is great to see.

if you want to have good usenet speeds go to: 5eurousenet

The second image is the spspeed2_usenet.jpgeed test from Usenet. Earlier this morning: a no go. I was not satisfied, but after 1 hour I finally reached the speed I was thinking I should get.

So all problems solved ;-) My products can finally be tested