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Am I watching too much?

The TV series I am watching (not all seen btw) ;-) So yes I have a life next to this (multiple) ;-) (Hit to enhance)

TV Series

The TV Series I Watch. Yes some are already cancelled, some are on a break … but this is Season 2009 / 2010 … ;-)

What I Watched Tonight #36

New sitcom with Alyssa ….. no idea what to think of yet, In the US they are very critical

What I Watched Tonight #35

Good TV series ! but which one?.. first season !

News about TV series I watch

this is not a complete list of what will be renewed, is unsure or what is cancelled. This list is an overview of TV Series I watch during the season

Renewed tv series I watch

Cougar Town, Flash Forward, The Middle, The Good Wife, Bones, Glee, , 30 Rock.
Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Smallville, 10 things I hate about you, Sons of anarchy, Hung.
True blood, Californication, Dexter, Nurse Jackie, Spartacus, Warehouse 13, The closer.
Leverage, Burn notice, Royal pains, White collar.

Not announced but almost sure for renewal:
Castle, The Mentalist, Lie to Me, House, Chuck

V, Accidentally on Purpose, Human Target, Heroes, Life unexpected, Damages, Caprica

Bad outlook:
The Forgotten, Trauma, Crash

Past Life, after 3 episodes
Lost: ending season

What I Watched Tonight #34

Again a Pilot I watched last week and this week episode 2. no idea what to think about this tv series. not really much action or humor but just a lot of things what can happen in life .. So we give it a chance…

And you know the drill… guess what TV series I watch .. (and yes, Lost is still not mentioned on this blog … ) but i watch it, so maybe next time Lost will be #35

What I Watched Tonight #33

Series like: Burn Notice had a seasons Finale, Nip Tuck got cancelled aka ended. Above TV series is a new one although the pilot was already ordered in 2008. So today I watched the first episode of a New Police TV serie.. but which one? ;-)

What I Watched Tonight #32

Last week my Spanish collegue Toni asked me if I watched above TV series … Nope .. I did not .. until today, during some search I saw 3 episodes just waiting for me and I downloaded it. Now few hours later: a little over the top action scenes of this new TV series, but I liked it.. So Yes Toni: I am watching now ;-) Above censored image is a screen from the TV series.

What I Watched Tonight #31

A new interesting TV Series about ‘Past Life’ experiences. No need to guess this TV series: Past Life .. Pilot just broadcasted so you can catch up the first season. Shooting in and around New York

What I Watched Tonight #30

30 TV Series I watch and counting … this is .. Burn Notice …. Unfortunately the girl has better clothing than previous seasons cause …. yeah . ah a real fan knows what I mean …..


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