Uhm.. no idea

Tested today some more with UPnP server(s) and with the samples I played no damn think I can reproduce where here at home I can reproduce some stuff. I’m a little ??? so take a distance and try tomorrow with feedback engineers if I can find a reason

Extra info for CH3SNAS 1.05b3 & UPnP

I like to get feedback when I ask for it, but when feedback is given many people do lack to give good information.
it’s fine telling me that something is wrong, but how you test is not written or badly described.  That is a missed opportunity.
So some persons reported that the UPnP AV server of the 1.05b3 firmware for CH3SNAS is not running. Ok I can accept that. Knowing that it was tested by one of my engineers. Of course he could have made a mistake .. but he was instructed ;-)

So I awoke on the sunday, finised the preparation of soup of asparagus and after that on my free Sunday I took my development CH3SNAS which is only running fun_plug to get telnet.
Some weeks ago I tested for someone something else so my version is:


Above version was revoked due to non working FTP Server.
I uploaded a fresh folder with MP3 music

in telnet I gave the command: ps
to see if everything was running and refreshed on the fly. With the CFULLHDMA I accessed the CH3SNAS UPnP Server and I played on of the music files. Everything ok

  • 1708 root     inotify_upnp
  • 26875 root     /sys/custom/upnp/upnp 0 CONCEPTRONIC http://www.conceptronic.net
  • 27203 root     sh -c UpdateDB -C -M “/mnt/HD_a2/1983 the 12 inches GMU/38Unique – What i got is what you need.mp3”
  • 27204 root     UpdateDB -C -M /mnt/HD_a2/1983 the 12 inches GMU/38Unique – What i got is what you need.mp3

Than I upgraded to:


And just rebooted the device: Hey .. indeed no UPnP Server running anymore only some prescan and inotify stuff but the actual UPnP Server no go .. mmm someone in the comments was actually right Damn ..

Let me try to start it manually through telnet:

/ # /sys/custom/upnp/upnp 0 “CONCEPTRONIC” “http://www.conceptronic.net” “CH3SNAS” “C05-323” “test”
UPnP AV / MediaServer v2.03.0227.2009.
No CodePage
Segmentation fault

Uhm.. a Segmentation Fault .. wierd ..

Ok than I took my magic fingers, and at the backside I pressed the reset button (hell yeah, the BACK-SIDE and not the webinterface factory reset, cause that one does not do an actual forced hard reset. (to be sure 100% cause that thing is not placed there for nothing).

Restarted the CH3SNAS again and watched the magic happen.

  •  2596 root     /sys/custom/upnp/upnp 0 CONCEPTRONIC http://www.conceptronic.net Grab’n’GO Media Store CH3SNAS C05-321
  • 2602 root     sh -c UpdateDB -C -M “/mnt/HD_a2/Bargrooves_15_2CD/02 – Bargrooves 15 – Manhattan – CD2 Compiled & Mixed By Mateo and Matos.mp3”
  •  2605 root     UpdateDB -C -M /mnt/HD_a2/Bargrooves_15_2CD/02 – Bargrooves 15 – Manhattan – CD2 Compiled & Mixed By Mateo and Matos.mp3

Wow .. my magic fingers worked .. and I am again playing another CD I uploaded to the device

Shoot. My UPnP Server is running. Now yours is on!

UPDATE 18.42H After a reboot I can reproduce issue like reported by 2 users. I will do some more testings tomorrow. (it seems that you should not reboot the device after factory defaults (sigh)). that’s not ok

CH3SNAS: 1.04RC5 firmware

After getting good feedback from various users and testing myself as well I was really unhappy with the way the UPnP server was integrated and causing issues with updates. And not to forget having issues with Playstation 3 and suddenly missing SRT support again (neat feature which is not available within many UPnP servers, so I could get some fame… (I already have cause we do have Kernel NFS ;-) ).

Today a new release for beta testers .. 1.04RC5.

What is extremely important is that after firmware upgrade you NEED to reset the CH3SNAS to factory defaults. If you do not do this than certain scripts will not be updated from firmware into flash.

  1. Fixed:

CH3SNAS Firmware release 1.04RC1

Just released for those who like to test:

1.04RC1, if we get positive comments it will be released

Release notes:

We added/modified support for users and groups. The following does apply:

  • A user can be a member of more than one group
    There are, however, some restrictions:

under samba, user can see “ALL” folders which he has the right to access.
under ftp, user only can see “the last mentioned” folder which he has the right to access.

  • Workgroup can support any characters following the MS rule
  • The UPnP Server is supporting new additional formats like: FLAC, IFO, ISO, MKV, M2TS, VC1, DIVX, AAC, M4A, SUB, APE, FLV, DV.

Please test and send me updates about the instant update of the UPnP Database, there is no refresh or crontab anymore as content is instantly updated. But I need feedback if this is working properly.

  • Email alerts are now sent with valid hostname. Some SMTP servers did not accept the e-mails as a not valid hostname was sent.
  • Add support for RFC3834; the e-mail New mail header “Auto-Submitted: auto-generated” is added to the message header.
  • Add new function : clear printf queue, available at the menu optin Status -> Print Info
  • Fixing DNS name of NTP server like: 1.conceptronic.pool.ntp.org” it was wrongly treated as IP string


Windows XP, UPnP & SSDP stuff

For more than 1 year I had issues with discovering UPnP devices in my network. Oh, they worked and could be found, only 1 system in the network was not able to discover any device. I searched Microsoft.com website, Google, Wikipedia and used several tools to solve the issue. Even the Intel UPnP tools were used to discover where the issue could be found.

after all kind of testings I only could analyze that the packages for UPnP / SSDP were sent but no reply from devices on the network. Wierd…

Today after too much hacking in the system, I decided to reinstall an image and check again. From scratch I had the same issue. WOW .. and than suddenly the solution was found.

My 2nd system (The notebook) was working wired and wireless on and off cause I use it now as a temp. machine. I discovered that when using the LAN-Cable the UPnP devices on the network were nowhere to be found anymore. When using Wireless: there they were. Damn, can it be possible? I took 1 direct cable from my wall mount (so the use of another switch was not necessary and: there were my devices again.

So after more than 1 day searching: the simple dump gigabit switch was blocking the incoming UPnP traffic .. pffff

Very wierd stuff