Yuixx Info: Some images revealed

After some time not posting information about the Yuixx I can share some images today. Engineering sample images, not more not less …… no strings attached.

As written before in an article on MPCCLCUB,

A major change we had to do is changing the implementation of the GUI. YuiXX wil be a mix of the “perfect” media player combining Internet and TV based on the Yahoo-Intel widget channel. Within the “YuiXX Gallery” we will have multiple content services like streaming TV channels via IPTV, Video on Demand services etc.. We are open for companies wanting to be on our platform and make themselves visible on TV in the livingroom instead of Internet on a PC only. People can get an SDK to develop it and we can give access into our gallery when we think it’s an aded value on the box.

Content owners like movies companies are alergic for transparent filters over their movies, so we had to make a difficult choice on changing our GUI and to step away for the transparent look; forget the content companies or come up with a different solution. We have chosen for the last one (our core mindset is still trying to make a simple, user friendly player for the mass market and adding these content services is added value from our opinion). So we are building our complete YuiXX media player as we wanted to have it, but as an Widget application. You can manage all you own content in the network (via Samba, NFS and UPnP) or stored on the YuiXX, from this Widget. This means we are presenting a complete new way of using a media player and on usibility it’s also great!

I expect people have some questions …. shoot .. I will not answer them all, but what I can I will do. Do not be worried about Codec support: that will be handled. Keep your eye on┬áthis site and yuixx.com