Adding a link gives a new feature in wordpress (not working in IE8 yet, cause it cannot update / insert the link)


I updated my wordpress with a new build but I could not see if it was updated correctly, adding a link today and I discovered the version was actually correct updated ;-)

with above feature you can find previous entries without the need to open a new tab in your browser to seek for that entry.

Just a few hours after the announcement of the vunerability of WordPress someone tried the ‘hack’ on my blog

Someone has asked to reset the password for the following site 
and username.
Username: xxxxx
To reset your password visit the following address,
otherwise just ignore this email and nothing will happen.

Sorry dudes. I updated my blog before you had the change.

Today i’m upgrading to WordPress 2.6 .. so some items could not work properly during transition .. stay back, relax and stay tuned till I’m ready

Update: WordPress 2.6 has bugs (hey .. everyone got them!) I just noticed that uploading my images to a non default folder were not working. Lucky the bug can be easily fixed by uploading a new function.php file

Tried to upgrade to 2.3 on a test wordpress installation. Exporting entries and importing it went ok (but over 4000 entries takes too long so I had to re-do that 4 or 4 times. But again on 2.3 I find the ‘ARRAY’ issue appearing in the admin interace and weblog (standard template)

Compability is going to be less with WordPress and all the version(s) they release. It’s a pain in the ass. and I am  not happy about it.  I am my own ISP with Bluequartz system on CentOS 4.x and various settings are hard to made or upgrade without breaking the whole back-end admin interface of the Server I run.